6 Things Making Me Happy...

By Lucy Harbron - 14:59

The winter is risky, it's too often a time of sadness and bad memories. I mean, it's easy to fall victim to seasonal depression when the suns gone, forcing you inside more and outside less. I know I've been feeling it. A lot has been going on in my life, forcing me to take stock and put up some new defences, introducing new little tactics to fight of the winter sadness.

So, simply put, here's whats been making me happy.

1. Baths

One blessing of my current student house is having a bath. I used to look forward to going home in the holidays and diving head first into a bubbly tub, but now that little luxury is afforded to me all the time. My favourite place to read and de-stress, I find myself here almost every day when I've got a new book to get through. Baths are just the most amazing 'me time', fill your bath with bubbles and lavender oil, light a candle, bring some tea and a book; heaven. I could sit here for hours, and often do (you just have to refill the tub a couple times to keep it toasty warm). 

2. Mood lighting

This often follows a bath, but I've been loving coming to my room on an evening and making it feel super cosy and zen. I turn off the harsh main light, and swap it for 3 sets of fairylights, a desk light, and a couple candles. This has definitely been helping me wind-down and get sleepy ready for bed, but is also super comforting. It's made my room feel extra cosy when I've been needing a couple more home comforts than usual. I like to sit in bed for a couple hours with a hot drink and some TV, it's the best part of my day.

3. Praising myself

When times are tough everyone says you need to celebrate yourself, but that's not always easy. In another attempt to try and implement this into my life, I've started this really simple notepad where I write down what I'm looking forward to and a mantra in the morning, then what made me happy and what I achieved on a night. This just helps me start and end my day on positives, and it's nice to look back on if things feel extra difficult one day. Super easy and no need to splash out on a purpose-made journal, just put a pad and pen by your bed. 

4. Plants & blooms

It's proven that having something to look after is a great form of self-care. I love having plants in my room, it makes the space feel so much lighter and brighter and more natural. My collection currently consists of 7 plants, and this beautiful bunch of carnations my boyfriend bought me. I like to try and take some time out each week to tidy my room and water my plants, it doesn't take long but gives me an easy sense of achievement. Also, the red of these flowers is just brightening my life at the moment.

5. Lady Gaga's Joanne

This one is pretty random, but after watching Gaga: Five Foot Two I'm completely in awe. She's so raw and honest, and this album is so eclectic. Listening to it just makes me feel happy and calm, it's super empowering and beautiful. So I've been listening to that a lot.

6. Bolder fashion choices

When I'm feeling down or stuck in a rut, I find that dressing more confidently and boldly helps me feel it. I've been loving wearing my glitter boots, vintage headscarf, and have a new-found love of hoop earrings. I think getting dressed and doing your makeup, and taking the time out to make yourself feel beautiful can have a huge impact on your mood, and it's something that instantly makes me feel better. I try to dress for how I want to feel, rather than how I actually feel if I'm feeling a bit deflated.

What makes you happy?

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