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By Lucy Harbron - 19:45

If first year taught me anything, it's the importance of small, daily acts of self-care. Looking after yourself doesn't have to be dramatic or time consuming, it doesn't need to be a full regime or anything extravagant; simple and often is always best.

For me, weirdly, I normally feel the need to carry out self-care when I'm at home. In my last post I talked about how I feel unsettled when I'm not working, so it's during this down time that I make extra effort to do things that are mindful, calming and make me feel secure and chilled. Here's a couple little things I've implemented into my life, some that I do daily, some that I just try to do as much as possible.

However! It's important to work out what 'self-care' means to you, and what makes you feel the best. For example, I know my self-care involves alone time, but if you're more extroverted, your self-care might involve socialising. Get to know yourself! Work out how to make yourself feel comforted!

Have daily 'me time'

Every day I do my makeup. This is the simplest thing ever, but I try to dedicate this time to myself, and ease myself into my day by just spending time with myself. I've learnt to leave time for this in my morning routine, even if it means waking up early, it's worth it. So I make myself a coffee, moisturise and care for my skin, then enjoy the process of putting on my make-up while I listen to some music, or normally watch something on Netflix. 

For me, this is the perfect self-care; it's calm, cosy and organised. I have my set routine that I follow, and the organised process of my routine makes me feel so so subdued and lovely. It's also nice to just have some uninterrupted down time before I start my day properly; as an introvert, time with no socialising or talking is golden.

I do this before I get dressed. Personally, I love to do all this in my underwear; it's so much more comfortable and I think spending more time naked or semi-naked is a really great way to boost your self-love and confidence by just becoming more acquainted and less phased by your body. So I normally come out of the shower, throw underwear and my dressing down and spend some me time. 


If you'd said this to me a month ago, I probably would've screamed. However, lately I decided to try and tackle some self-esteem issues by being active, and started going running. I try to run daily or every other day, alternating between running and walking. There's loads of apps that help gradually build up your stamina that have really helped me keep at it, and so far, I'm v much enjoying it. 

Again, this is great alone time that you can spend just listening to music, or you can run with a friend or family member. But either way, exercise makes you feel so much more productive and gives you a great rush of endorphines that will boost your mood. It doesn't have to be running, you could do pilates, yoga, cycling, or even just make an effort to walk more; but upping your activity helps both mental and physical health. 

Nightly down time

The complete opposite as exercise, you've gotta chill too. This is something that I've done as a child as my family have always had cool down time on an evening, and I've carried on into my adult life. Having a super calm evening and just watching TV or a film, reading, writing etc will help you relieve the stress of the day and wind down to help you sleep better. Exactly what your parents used to do when you were a baby, learning to do that for yourself is super important! I like to watch some TV with my parents, have a warm drink like chai tea and probs a biccy or two, then go up to my room and get cosy with some fairy lights to either watch a film or read. It helps me drift off easily, and it's great down time to consider how your feeling and check in with yourself and your thoughts.

Stroke your vanity a little

I dunno about you, but sometimes I want to slap on loads of makeup and see just how banging I can make myself look. This is pretty much the same as my morning me time, but sometimes it's nice to just play with makeup like you would as a child. I like to put on some trash tv like Gossip Girl or Kardashians, and do some heavy contouring. Again, this can really help boost self-esteem, make you less self-critical, and is definitely a mood boosting, calming boredom killer. But like I said before, work out what works for you!

Do mindful activities
You've probably heard a lot about mindful activities, but in short they're basically just doing things that give you time to check in with your thoughts and mood, so simple activities that require some level of concentration and attention. I like to do my nails for this. It's simple and easy, but requires calm concentration. So I dedicate some time each week, usually on a sunday when the new The Michalak's video goes on YouTube cause they're super soothing, and just sit and do my nails. Easy. Dedicating periods of time like this is SO easy but SO important. Make time for yourself.

Read for pleasure

Spending some time each week to engage your brain in something that isn't school work, or essential work or homework, is a great self-care activity. I like to take myself on reading dates with a good book and a nice coffee shop, or park on a nice day. Having alone time that still engages with your intellect and makes you feel productive is the best thing ever for spending some down time and doing self-care without feeling lazy. Also, reading is proven to help relieve anxiety and stress as it is a safe form of escapism, and combats mental decline so is beneficial in the long term. I love this, it feels like such a little treat when I get myself a good coffee and just sit for an hour or so. But you can do this anywhere that suits; in bed, on your sofa, in the garden with a glass of rose. But maybe don't choose Anna Karenina to read as I'm STRUGGLING.

However you do it, you are so important and you are worth your time. Make sure you look after yourself, and dedicate time to just making yourself feel good, and checking in with the thoughts and feelings you're experiencing that may go unnoticed in the hustle of a busy life. 

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  1. i love this!! i also like to do my self-care activities alone. I've found that that is the best way to come back to myself and learn about who i am as a person!! everything in this is so important


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