Fashion & Film #10 ~ The Virgin Suicides...

By Lucy Harbron - 15:41

Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides is completely captivating. Not only is the plot suspenseful and gripping, the cinematics and visuals are classic Coppola and as beautiful and enthralling as ever. The baby pinks and greens fading to darker greys and blue with the mood, the blonde main characters, the ethereal babe that is young kristen dunst, the clothes, the music, all add up to a 2000s daydream.

I think the beautiful of the fashion in The Virgin Suicides lies in it's subtlety. It's almost accidentally sexy as the girls show flashes of skin, a rebellion when living in such strict household. This context gives a whole new life to tight, strappy tops, revealed shoulders and school-girl skirts. It's almost lolita-esque but oblivious.

I love the floral dresses in the prom scene, the pattern and range of cuts is really reminiscent of some of the new in Topshop floaty dresses. As well as Lux's tight vest / flares combo, that's definitely a silhouette on the climb back into the mainstream market. But the look on a whole is so childish and dreamy that, when placed in the dark, eerie plot, only adds to how intriguing and mysterious the characters are. That kind of early noughties, sickly-sweet girly look is so disconnected, and that's what give it a life in the film.

To recreate this, I'd been going for blue jeans with a tight t-shirt combo, or for more day dreamy nostalgia I'd go for a pastel coloured, prairie style floaty dress or skirt. Something like you would've worn when you were little and wore nothing but your sister's hand-me-downs. Something your mum would've dressed you in, or worn herself in the 70s. That's the look. Dye your hair California blonde, wear no make-up except blush and forever look distance; and you're a Lisbon sister.

If you haven't seen The Virgin Suicides, go now and do so.

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