Fashion & Film #9 ~ God Help The Girl...

By Lucy Harbron - 12:47

Bringing back my Fashion & Film series because A) I love making mood-boards, B) I need motivation to keep watching new films while I'm away at uni. So I'm kicking it back off with one of my all time fave films, God Help The Girl; a musical written by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, and staring Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray. It's 10x dreamier than you could ever imagine, every scene is perfectly crafted, the soundtrack is incredible and the outfits oh boy the outfits.

Never in all my film watching life have I seen a film use fashion so much. The choice of clothing matches the situation and vibe so so well that you can really track Eve's (Browning's character) mood and strength throughout the film by looking at her outfit. In fact in one scene she starts off in a super slobby cosy cardigan when she's feeling down, and by the end is in a glorious red dress with her hair all tied back as she performs. GENIUS.

Throughout the film there's nods to all sorts of inspirations, all reflected in the fashion choices. There's series Wes Anderson vibes as the film is littered with symmetry and mirroring and collared dresses that are so Moonrise Kingdom. But also, there's a huge influence of French New Wave Cinema and eccentricity not only in the plot and music, but definitely in the little details of outfits. Hats, textures, sunglasses, makeup and heart print tights. Almost every outfit has some little quirk, whether it be a beret, a headscarf or a bag, there's always something to add a 60s nostalgia kind of vibe. Everything is colourful, everything is cute and everything has personality.

I think essentials to capture this vibe include- Coats (suede, fur, denim), head scarfs, hats (bowler, beret, straw), tea-dresses, collars, colours, short things (no jeans here).

Some of my fave looks are Eve's striped playsuit which is from American Apparel (rip), the leopard print coat/striped dress combo, and then Cassie's (yes Hannah Murray played another character called Cassie) angelic, prairie vibe white dress with a battered suede jacket and straw hat. I wish for them all to be placed in my wardrobe pronto please, thanks.

I think my favourite thing about the styling in God Help The Girl is how out of place they all look. For a film set in modern Glasgow, they all look so overtly vintage. You know exactly who to pay attention to as they stand separate from their surroundings, they seem to almost glow from the film. I think the character of Eve especially is one of the most human, developed figures I've ever encountered in a film, so I love how much her wardrobe matches that. She wears such an array of styles so dependant on her mood and situation, but you still keep your eyes on her. The contradiction of these super relatable, human characters vs their completely eccentric looks is my favourite, it really adds to the visuals, but is also so recognisable to Belle and Sebastian films as the movie carries that sort of marmite response. You'll either absolutely love it and get it, or find it over the top.

Can't recommend this film enough, and can't stop obsessively re-watching it.

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