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By Lucy Harbron - 20:02

Today America elected a racist, misogynistic, xenophobia, trash-bag of a human over a qualified, experienced woman. It reminded us all that sexism and misogyny are never too distant, and someone will always try to bring down and degrade powerful women.

I feel disheartened, angry, anxious but most of all just confused by the result and how there was even a contest between Trump and Clinton. It's scary. Hearing Trumps beliefs and policies is baffles me how people could see presidential qualities in his behaviour. My heart aches for all Americans that arent cis white christian males, it aches for the environment, the peace of the world, the treatment of muslims, women, LGBT+ people, so so so much fear in the world right now. But we must look to the future with the hope we can muster, and continue to campaign for our beliefs, our rights and for progress.

Females are strong as hell, lady president or not, we're gonna get this ladies. Gotta keep pushing forward.

I felt today of all days we needed a girl power boost, so I've compiled a boss-ass playlist of only empowering female artists killing the game daily. 6 hours 57 minutes of girl love and strength.

Girl power and solidarity, today and always.

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