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By Lucy Harbron - 13:02

Bedding - IKEA (no longer available)
Tapestry - Ebay
V-Pillow - Argos
Battery-operated fairy lights - Primark
Shoe Rack - IKEA
Drawers - Unknown (you can get them everywhere though)

Whiteboard - Wilko
To-Do List- Sink or Swim Designs (comes in set of 3 with timetables)
Pen Pot- IKEA
Mirror - Matalan

I've been at uni for just under a month now and my room has only just reached a point where I'm ready to show you all. With student accommodation you've got to just work with what you've got as it will never been 100% amazing unless you're willing to pay a ridiculous amount each week, but no matter how good or how bad, you'll find a way to make it feel homely.

For me, I wanted to try and recreate my room at home to a certain extent. So I've practically re-made my manifestation board with added photos of family and friends that I printed before I arrived, and the essential to-do lists and timetables. Not only does this make my room feel way more familiar but it's full of positive reminders and memories which are vital. Similarly I brought with me a couple of little trinkets from home to make my bookshelf feel more like me, I couldn't leave home without my heart-shaped sunglasses or my Patti Smith Horses CD. The cactus, however, is a new addition that I picked up at a plant sale at the student union.

The biggest struggle for me was trying to handle the bright green wall in my room. In Sheffield, each block of flats has a colour and I was unfortunate enough to get vivid green (the yellow and orange flats are worse though so I count my blessings). If you've been around a while and read my posts about my room at home, you'll know that I always prefer a calmer, more neutral room, opting for greys and whites. So trying to make a green room feel cosy and homely has been a challenge. For a while my tapestry was draped on my bed, but I decided to cover up as much of the green as possible by putting some non-marking hooks (non-marking is a MUST you don't want a massive fine at the end of the year) and hang it on the wall. This has honestly made all the difference and I love my room now. The tapestry and my fairy lights make it so cosy and just so much more me. Since doing that I've felt way more settled.

If you're heading to uni next year or in the future, here's my top things you should definitely definitely bring for your room-

  • Shoe-rack - This just stops clutter when you've got a small room and several pairs of shoes, trust me. Your room will be messy enough so it's best to give your shoes a home.
  • An extra box or drawers for spare food - If your accommodation is anything like mine, you wont have enough kitchen storage. So having somewhere to store extra food in your room will really help. I use a set of plastic drawers just so everything is tidied away. Also this means you can bulk buy things like pasta or whatever either before you come or when you arrive as you've got a place to keep spares.
  • A little whiteboard - This one is pretty simple. Life gets hectic so having somewhere to write yourself little reminders is so so essential. Same with a to-do list and a timetable it'll just help you stay organised. If you check out theorganisedstudent, they have loads of useful printables for organisation like that.
  • Door hooks - So many coats, so little wardrobe space. You can pick up some over the door hooks for like £1 so having some with you will really help you out with closet space. 
My room is obviously never going to compare to my room at home which I spent a lot of time designing and love so so much, but for now it's home. All the accommodation for Sheffield uni is pretty much identical, so if you're looking at the uni (which you should), this is the sort of thing you'll get but hit me up if you have any other questions about uni accommodation or life in general!

Apologies for photo quality/lighting, I'm still trying to work out the lighting in this room but I promise it will improve, and I promise to start posting more now I've got myself settled!

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  1. OOOOOO!! Your space looks so cute!!! I totally get having to make the student accommodation work, I had to deal with that and it was a little annoying at first since I always have so much stuff!!! But definitely made it work. Hope you have fun in your new lil room!!!!


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