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By Lucy Harbron - 15:25

This week is hectic, but the sort of nervous, excited hectic that I love so I wanted to let you all in on what's been going on and what's still to come!

So today is results day! I've weirdly been looking forward to today as it really is the end of a chapter that I'm so SOOOO ready to close. Honestly college has been a pretty awful time for me; losing friends, the step up academically, dealing with pressure and heartbreak and hard decisions about the future really challenged me as a person and almost made me drop off out college at the end of 1st year. So college, for me, has been more a case of pushing through and getting it done than "the best years of my life". I'm so thankful I stuck it out as I feel I've left college a more grounded person, and I'm so ready to move on.

I'm so happy to say that I got my first choice and I'll be off to Sheffield Uni in September to study English language and literature AHH! I'm not quite sure how I did it as I sat my exams with pretty hardcore tonsillitis, but I achieved AAAB which is all I could've hoped for and more. I'm so so excited to start studying the subject I love and take on all the new opportunities, I've smiled all day long. Effort will never betray you, whether you achieve what you wanted or not, no hard work is ever in vain!

I've got loads of posts planning based around choosing universities, college tips etc so watch this space if you're after some advice.

AND ONTO MORE EXCITING THINGS! On Saturday (20th august) the third issue of the magazine I edit, Kiloran, is being released ahh. Kiloran is the thing I'm most proud of, it means everything to me and is a project that is so so close to my heart and seeing it be supported and enjoyed is the greatest thing ever!

Issue 3 is called 'B O D Y' and focuses on everything to-do with the human body, it's issues, it's beauty, it's place in society etc etc. I was so nervous to choose this theme just because it's so broad and can be so challenging as it's so personal, but i know, for me, it's been so therapeutic. The issue has forced me to really dive into and confront my own body issues and create something I'm really proud of out of it. Each and every piece in this issue is so honest and beautiful, they took my breath away and I honestly can't wait to share it!

I did an interview with the glorious Jess from Halfgirlhalfteacup.com all about the magazine, it's origins and inspo and the issue, give it a peek HERE.

Keep an eye on my social media and follow the mag (@kiloranmag) to be the first to read the new issue, I think it's the best yet. Ahh I'm so so excited and I really hope you love it!

What's been going on with you? Did you get your results, how there they?

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  1. Aw, congrats on getting into your first choice!!!! SOOOOO exciting. Also, I am so stoked to read your Kiloran, looks so cool!!!!


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