Monday Muse ~ Kate Bush...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:23

Kate Bush is a killer lady with a killer career and a killer look. Rising to fame at 19 (and being the first woman to reach number 1 with a self-written song!) she's had a long run in the industry. Her eclectic nature offers itself to style so perfect, and lately I've been OBSESSED with both her fashion and her music.

I think her style can be split in two- dancer chic which a lot of body suits, wrap tops and tight materials, and the ultimate boho dream with a slight Americana vibe. The best of both worlds! Choose your team or mix and match!

I think my favourite look is her simplest- The tight, all-black look in her Babooshka video...

It's such a simple, classic look but so flattering and I love the v-neck and pop of pattern from the scarf clinching her waist, So wearable and so so easy to recreate with some high-waist jeans and tight top. To get all your dancer Kate essentials, American Apparel is the one!

I also love the maxi skirt/floaty shirt combo as it's so effortless but achieves the quintessential boho look. Kate Bush's influence is undeniable, take a look at any fashion blog and you'll see her trace. But most noticeably, Florence Welch is so clearly influenced by Kate Bush in both sound and look. So many modern day artists wouldn't be around without Kate Bush paving the way. A real genius.

My obsession with Kate Bush is unhealthy at the moment as I'm incapable of doing English lit homework without listening to her song Wuthering Heights, it counts as revision I swear!

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