9 Positive Changes I Vow To Make...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:20

1) Exercise more

I'm rubbish at exercising and i just never do it, but I'm determined to start working out regularly. I've put on some weight recently and although its not massively noticeable I really want to become healthier and become proud of my figure again. Better dust off those trainers!

2) Pay more attention to how I'm feeling and what I need

I'm often so busy with school work etc that I don't realise how I'm feeling until I suddenly crack. I'm also guilty of ignoring how I feel, and what I need to do to make myself feel happier. But no longer! I vow to start paying more attention to myself and taking the necessary steps to make myself feel the best I possibly can. 

3) Try to remember that quality is better than quantity

Another thing I'm guilty of is having the "I have no friends" breakdown. I need to start reminding myself that its better to have a few true, loyal, real friends than a whole bunch of fake friends! The friends I have are some of the most positive, inspiring, amazing, beautiful people ever and I must start appreciating that rather than moaning about the number! 

4) Eat better

This links to my vow to exercise more. I really want to become healthier, and that means cutting down on all the junk. I'm not talking about going on any insane diet, just trying to eat healthier and not snack as much. (I'll miss you after-school snacks xo) So if you've got any healthy recipes or tips, please let me know!

5) Smile and laugh more

There's nothing more therapeutic than laughing until you cry! So I vow to spend more time with people that make me happy, watch happier films, listen to happier music and ALWAYS smile at myself in the mirror (it makes your day so much better, try it! give yourself a grin!)

6) Sort out my priorities 

Lucy, your A-levels are more important than instagram! I need to start being more focused and start making to-do lists are I really want to organise my time better so I can be more active on this blog. 

7) Try to read more

I love reading but often it feels like I have no time to fully get into a good book. But I promise to allow more time for reading as there so many books I've been wanting to read for ages!

8) Be a more positive influence on those around me

I can be a real Debby downer at times, but my friends have really shown me how positivity radiates. So i vow to be more positive, listen to peoples problems and help them out rather than just complaining along side them, take extra steps to cheer up those around me, and generally try to radiate good vibes!

9) Let things go

This is definitely easier said than done and although I'm getting better at it, sometimes it feels like I'm still carrying the past and negativity of the past around with me. I need to start taking steps towards leaving things behind me and looking forward more than I look back. It's tricky but I think its necessary. 

What positive changes are you making?

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  1. I'm definitely guilty of having "I have no friends!" breakdowns!
    Great post Lucy, have a good week :)



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