My Soundtrack ~ February...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:30

Music is a massive part of my life so i thought I'd continue this series if that's ok?

Here's what I've been listening to in February!

The Balcony ~ Catfish and The Bottlemen

I've been loving this album since its release back in September, but this month i couldn't get enough of it! Its just an all-round incredible indie rock album, with amazing guitars and great lyrics. Each song feels like a story which i always love in an album, and i really really fancy the lead singer, Van McCann so that's a bonus! My favourite song of the album is definitely Homesick, i will never tire of that song.

listen to-Homesick, Pacifier, Business and Cocoon

Unguarded ~ Rae Morris

I've been a fan of Rae's for so so long, since stumbling across a session she did for Watch Listen Tell years ago. I've followed her music for ages and finally her debut album has arrived and it certainly hasn't let me down. The feel of each song is so different from the last that i could listen to this album on repeat and never get bored, the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful and Rae's vocal ability just blows me away! I got super sentimental (and maybe had a little cry) when i first listened to the album version of Dont Go- the first song i heard of Rae's- its still so beautiful and ahhh i love that song! i could sing along to this album forever and i intend to.

Listen to- Under The Shadows, Dont Go, Morne Fortune, and Not Knowing

The Last Five Years Soundtrack

Musicals are my guilty pleasure, i love them so much. I recently watched the new film of the last five years with Anna Kendrick in it (who i looove) but the original Broadway soundtrack is so much better. The musical tells the story of a couple, watching them live together etc and then slowly showing their marriage fall apart, leading to a totally devastating ending (i cried). So obviously each song is crammed full of feelings, especially I'm still hurting which just kill me! I would recommend watching the movie if you haven't, or just enjoy having a nice sing along to the soundtrack.

Listen to- See I'm smiling, A summer in Ohio and goodbye till tomorrow/i could never rescue you

Years & Years

I love Olly Alexander so naturally i adore his band. I'm not normally a pop/electro kinda girl but im addicted to Years & Years like worrying addicted. All of their songs are super catchy and just make me wanna dance really. But at the same time the lyrics are still super good and mean a lot. I want to see them live so badly and honestly cannot wait until their album is released!

Listen to- Memo, King and Desire

That's all ~ Gabrielle Aplin (genesis cover)

I stumbled upon this cover while searching for something to fill my craving for a new Gabrielle Aplin release, and i must have listened to it about 100 times this month. Gabrielle totally makes the song her own and gets so into the song, if i didn't know the original i honestly would've thought it was her song. Gabrielle Aplin could scream in my face and it would be beautiful, she can do no wrong, so so talented. 

That's what i listened to on repeat in February, what about you?

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