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By Lucy Harbron - 19:36

My life is pretty dull 99% of the time as all I really do is go to college and watch Netflix. However every now and then I actually go out, and last weekend I did just last so I thought I'd show you what I wore!

Jeans-Topshop 'mom' jeans
Boots-garage shoes (basically fake vagabonds)
Fridays are my busy days in college as I have a full day of lessons, so I tend to wear something more comfy. I treated myself to these topshop mom jeans after wanting them for aaaggeesss and oh my gosh they're comfy and its so rare for me to find jeans that fit this well so it is obviously meant to be! I like to style them with a tighter top like this one or just a black crop top and these boots to elongate my legs a little more. The whole outfit just gives me 90s vibes and I love it!

So on this particular Friday-The 12th December- I went to college and then rushed home, had a latte then had to quickly get changed, touch up my make up then go out again as I had to head to Newcastle with my friend megan for a concert!

sleeveless top -Primark
Coat-Tesco (legit)
This is easily one of my favourite looks. Its so simple yet super grungy. I love wearing a black bra under this sleeveless top as I think it just gives the outfit a little extra edgy. This is an ideal outfit for a concert as there's layers to keep me warm in the queue, and then in the actual venue its floaty and light enough that I wont overheat (I put my coat in the cloakroom, its just easier!) My trusty topshop boots are so so comfy so I could dance throughout the whole thing, which I did (which may or may not have led to me passing out in the queue to get my coat back but hey ho it was worth it!)

Check out my instagram (@lucyintheskywith_) to see videos from the gig and other photos from my daily life
After being a fan for years and years I finally got to see Bombay Bicycle Club live and wowzas they were incredible, easily the best gig I've ever been to purely because of the atmosphere. The whole crowd was just so into it, so much fun! I also got to see Peace as they were the support act! Two of my fave bands in one night, does it get any better? I went home on such a high, really really cheered me up! So if you're going through a hard time, there's nothing like a gig to help pick you back up!


Crop Top-H&M
 The next day I slobbed around the house all day but on the evening I went out to a Christmas party/gig thing thrown by my ex-boyfriends band the rivets who I've mentioned a million times and if you haven't checked them out you really should. Obviously it was a hard night for me, but I thought it important to push myself out of my safe place (aka home), get dressed up all fancy and just go and spend the night with my friends.

For my makeup I went a bit fancier than I usually would. Really I just wanted my makeup look to be very classic and chic to go along outfit. I kept my face makeup the same- concealer, powder, contour and highlighter. But I defined my brows, making them bigger and bushier. Then paired winged eyeliner with a wine red lip (Topshop's 'Beguiled') to add some colour to the monochrome look. Im going to do a whole post on my eyeliner routine so look out for that as I've been loving me some liner recently!

I think when going into a difficult situation, feeling confident in your outfit/makeup helps so much. As vain as it may seem, doing your hair and makeup all nice and putting on whatever makes you feel good (for me its my heels) is just an instant boost. Whenever im having a down day I force myself to put on an outfit I love and get all ready and it normally helps me feel at least a little better.

What've you been wearing? What've you been up to?

I'm finally on Christmas break so hopefully I'll be more active! Apologise for being away lately, I needed some time but im back baby!

Hope you're all doing well, remember to follow me elsewhere!

PS. super sorry for the rubbish lighting in these photos, it gets dark too early #bloggerproblems xo

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  1. I really love your coat! Also really jealous that you went to see Bombay Bicycle Club :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  2. so many nice outfits!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com


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