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By Lucy Harbron - 20:28


I'm really sorry about the absence of posts but my exams start next week so my life is full to the brim of revision and panic and comfort eating. But here I am, alive and well (partly!) and ready to share my met ball favourites.

Lets just oh my Cara. Black and white perfection. The tailoring of the trousers against the cut out top. AHHH I just love the composition. I also love that Cara wasn't scared to stand out and wear something a bit different to everyone else, opting for cigarette trousers rather than a dress, I applaud her! She took a risk and it paid off. and lets not even start on her face, how does that even happen?!

Joan Smalls YOU BABE. I like how she added excitement to the outfit with the vibrant purple lipstick. Risky and I like it. I love the simplicity of her look, she chose I pretty simple dress and hair look. But the little details make everything so beautiful-The figure hugging dress shape and the sheer bottom bit (that's the official word right?) as well as the lip colour. AHH I just love this look, go Joan!

Forget Johnny Depp, Hello Amber heard! Nude dresses are my favourite and the lace design and red lip just add up to perfection! Its such a classic look, never fails, and amber looked amazing!

I love the detail on Leighton Meester's dress. I feel like it had the ability to be too OTT, but the muted colours, minimal makeup and nude heels kept control and guided the look into perfect territory. I like the cut of the dress, the shape prevents from the cleavage and thigh split being "too much" as it isn't tight. I just love it, the colours are beautiful!

It makes me sick to see how much hate Lena Dunham has got for this outfit. On the vogue website one girl simply commented "ugly" as others told Lena to get a new stylist. As a community, why are we hating on other girls?! I personally think Lena looks great, she looks happy in her dress and it radiates. I also like the design and shape of the dress. I think the pattern is really waist slimming and flattering. I love it. Be nice girls!

GIRL CRUSH GIRL CRUSH GIRL CRUSH! Suki is perfection. truthfully I think she looks flawless 24/7, and if its possible she's outdone herself. This Burberry dress is just beautiful, so slimming and the colour is lush! Then the red lip and slicked back hair polishes it all off perfectly.

I saved my favourite till last. Miss t-swizzle. Firstly I love Taylor's short hair, I think she suits it so much and its nice to see her have a change from her long locks. The dress, honestly its my dream dress. The colours and the same and the beautiful detail is just so so so perfect. I also love how she stuck with her signature red lip, this girl ain't afraid to clash colours. Vintage seeps from every inch on her and I'm loving it. U go Taylor, u go.

Met ball oh how I love you. Pretty dresses oh how I long to wear you.

That's all for now, I'm sorry is disappear for a bit stupid exams! I promise ill be super active in summer! Pinky promise! I still tweet and instagram regularly so follow me over there to keep up with my life.

Hope you're all well and if you have exams too, good luck!

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