Dying my hair with Bleach London...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:03


Exams are done, Christmas holidays are here, (partial) freedom has arrive wooo! So I thought to celebrate I would take a risk and dye my hair, and then tell you all about it!

 My best friend Chloe (who has made a blog called she's an anti-socialite which you should all follow as its going to be amazing link HERE) has been using the Bleach London dyes for ages now, so she agreed to dye mine and I put my trust in her to make me fab! And my other bestie Jess was the sensible one to make sure we didn't ruin anything

Team fab (duh)

I didn't want to bleach my hair as I want it to return to normal after, and my hair isn't super light so obviously I knew the dye would have a lesser effect on my hair than on Chloe's who bleached the ends, but I was hopefully so we got to business! Awkward peach is my fave one of the bleach colours, I think its so cute and the least dramatic which is exactly what I wanted.

Obviously us both sitting in the bath was the sensible option! I wanted it quite messy so Chloe just applied it to my ends with her hands and smushed (only word to describe it) the dye on covering the bottom sections on my hair. The dye says leave it on for 15 minutes, but from experience Chloe said that's not enough so we left it on for about 45 minutes, then put some more on as it wasn't enough and left that on for about 20 more minutes. Then we simply washed it off, dried my hair and BOOM done.

It's really subtle leaving an orangy/peachy/pinky tinge to my hair which I love so much, just adds a pop of colour to my dull hair. especially as my hair has a natural ombre effect I think it looks really nice! THANKS CHLOE THANKS BLEACH LONDON!

Overall as a product I think for £5 its good as its reusable and I didn't even use a whole bottle so I can top it up whenever I want, but I would definitely recommend bleaching your hair if your hair is darker than a light blond and you wont more of a bold colour. But for a pastel tinge, this dye was perfect and now my hair is fab!

That's all for now but i'll be posting more over the next two weeks hopefully!
You should all go follow Chloe on her blog as it's going to be amaaaazing and on instagram @cmdk_

Hope you all have a lovely lovely day and a good Christmas if I don't post again before!

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  1. It looks so nice! I've heard fab things about Bleach London :) x


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