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By Lucy Harbron - 20:07


ugh lazy lazy lazy! Im so busy and lazy the worst mix ugh. I'm revising and stuff, and then I'm just too tired to do anything but listen to music. I feel like I've been neglecting you, so I'll share my vibes!

I've got those soft grunge vibes. I get that the A/W saint Laurent show was all controversial and some people hated it but ugh I love those babydoll dresses, plaid shirts and mmm leather. Haim have this style spot on, I just love them, and the olsen twins hair ugh those messy waves! Burgundy lips are also my thing right now, I bought Topshop beguiled and just YES! Its a must for me.
Smock dresses have taken over my life. I had my H&M tea dress one but its sooo short, and I have my urban outfitters one, but ASOS have perfected them! I ordered a mass the other day so i can try them on, but ugh so perfect!

Truthfully I don't understand how people function without 8tracks?! You can select certain mood (happy, sad, chill, etc), certain situations (study, excited, party), even genres, artists, time periods and it will give you playlists suited to you, you can also make your own playlists. So basically it hands you the ideal playlists to give you good vibes. My profile is linked HERE

At the moment im kind of addicted to the angus, thongs and perfect snogging soundtrack because that film is a national treasure (partly cos Aaron Johnson, partly cos I feel like most days I am Georgia)

But the soundtrack is amaaaazing, and ultraviolet is my jam.

Its the same with nowhere boy, best film ever. You've got Aaron looking incredible, add a guitar, some singing and some early rock and roll, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

I also still have clearly the 1975 love.

I feel like this week has been going on for ages, probably because this weekend im actually going to have a social life (and very little sleep woo) On Saturday im going to see kodaline YAAAAAAAAAAAAH and then sunday im going to a battle of the bands to support my friend, the rivets, and most probably lose my voice, yay fun. I love gigs so much, nothing better.

During half term my best friend, and total fashion babe, chloe dyed the tips of her hair with one of the bleach dyes and I have total hair envy! Im lusting coloured hair, mainly silvery/purple tones. Bleach London kills me, I love all their stuff!
That's pretty much it, sorry for being poo!
Love you all, if you wanna hear more of my rambling, you can follow me on twitter @lucyharbron,
or to see little snippets of my life by the medium of pretty pictures you can follow me on instagram @lucyintheskywith_
Have a lovely lovely day guys
ps. im too lazy to spell check this so soz xo

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