You're never fully dressed without a smile...

By Lucy Harbron - 21:20


I love annie, always have. I think I've seen it on stage like 5 times, and idek how many times I've watched the film! And today I heard "you're never fully dressed without a smile" and I was like-

That song is dang catchy! And it got me thinking about the fashion/beauty that make me happy!

I've had this h&m dress for soooo long and it's now too short to wear without tights so it a definite A/W dress and im so happy to be able to wear it again! I just love the bagginess and the pattern, it makes me feel really cute and really tall! 

I bought this Red velvet dress from topshop ages ago for a party and dvkmnvlsdfnkvlfkv I cant even handle the beauty of it! It makes me feel so confident and curvy (work it girl) and the colour is just amazing!

I wear my joni jeans all the time and I just love them! I prefer high waisted jeans as they seem to balance my figure out more, and these jeans are so comfy and make my legs look so long and slim! They seem to flatter every shape, as my best friend has them and is so so so slim and tall and they make her look even more amazing!

I only bought these topshop boots last week and I love them! The slight heel adds a bit of extra high and makes me walk with a bit of extra sass! I feel so fancy when I wear them and the cut out makes them ideal for summer and winter! Super comfy as well!

My urban outfitters dress and primark pinafore also make me feel amazing, I really love dresses with nice shapes and even though these two are the total opposite of each other, I still love them both!

I never really feel right without lipstick, even for school I have to wear a nude/pinky lip otherwise im lost! But bold lips will always be my go to as I just feel way way more confident with pow lips, and honestly I think all girls should own a lipstick that makes them feel amazing, I have 4!

Lately eyeliner has been making me feel amazing! I was totally shocked at the difference a winged eyeliner look did to my face and I likey, makes me feel all Alexa chung like (I wish cry) And if you can't work eyeliner? practice makes perfect! (trust me!)

So that's it! Leave me a comment telling me what things make you happy!
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Have a lovely lovely day


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  1. i got those topshop boots recently and i love them too!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new Chanel cream blush giveaway here, if you like!

  2. Haha I love the gif photo! And I really love the red velvet style dress, it looks so well fitted and really brings out your figure!


  3. I really like your gif with the cut out boots! Thats so cute. Also really like that urban outfitters dress :) Lovely blog will give you a follow :)


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