Summer to autumn wishlist...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:36


Its officially August and everyone knows august is the Sunday of summer so it's time for me to get thinking about getting things that can move from one season to another, here's my wishlist...



 #1- A pair of good sturdy shoes...
left to right-

I really need a good pair of shoes that are going to be comfy for the rest of summer and then going into autumn winter so I figured something with cut outs will still look nice in all seasons. These four are my favourites but I really can't decide! Let me know which ones you like best.
#2- Bold lipsticks...
 We all know I love lipstick and I'm lusting after these two! The Kate moss matte lipstick in 107- not sure of price and topshop infrared- £8 are just stunning! And I think they will both transfer seasons well. The topshop red-orange will obviously look so good in the remains of summer but then I think it will just add a pop of colour to my more dull autumn outfits (cry for autumn), and the Kate moss lipstick will add some depth and a vampy look to my summer outfits then look so chic in autumn with my big coat oooooo

#3-Cute knitwear...


 I cant even handle how cute this topshop jumper (£34) is. it would look so good over my high waisted denim shorts for the rest of summer as it is slightly cropped, and then over jeans in autumn. SO CUTE I CANT EVEN (and it comes it pink djkvnkvj)

#4 flower crowns...
As a self confessed flower crown addict I need a autumn crown. I love this one by silver lining creations stocked at pretty twisted (10% off with the code lucyluce, you're welcome xo) because the colours are a bit deeper so are perfect for autumn but it would still look so cute with my shorts. Also it's big so it will add a nice touch to dull autumn outfits and it would match my coat so well YAY.

#5- Pretty much the entire primark a/w13 collection...

Can we take a moment please. OH MY LORDY I LOVE IT. I want one of these pastel pink coats so bad its killing me! I think primark have really upped their game this coming season wow (well if the material is good, FINGERS CROSSED) I also love that tartan baby doll dress as it would still look so grungy and cool in summer as well as autumn/winter, same with the coats if it was chilly I could just throw it over anything at anytime PERFECT! Can't wait to get down there and have a looky when they arrive oooo!

#6-Some bravery...

I. WANT. A. PARTED. FRINGE. HELP. ME. I'm too scared but kvjdfkvjjn I want it :(( what do you guys think? Yes or no?

What's on your summer to autumn wishlist? Leave a comment xo

 That's all for now folks,
have a lovely lovely day

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  1. Hey, i love your blog and this is a great post! i would also like to say that i have tagged you to do the liebster award and if you would like to do it then check out my blog, Thank-you!

    Laura xo


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