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By Lucy Harbron - 15:11


I went to Spain last month and it RUINED MY SKIN (seriously) so when I got home it was time to finally get myself a full skincare routine and to stick to it! So that's what I did and it really has been working so time to share it with you babes!

First things first I wash my face with the freederm sensitive facial wash-£6.29. It's bad to use an exfoliating wash on your face daily as it causes your skin to panic and make even more oil which you don't want! So I use this wash as it is really nice and soothing and leaves my skin feeling lovely, and its pink so BONUS!

Just before I put my makeup on I put the freederm perfecting moisturiser on-£6.49. Honestly I never really used to moisturise, only when I felt my skin needed it. But since using this daily I've noticed such a change and my skin feels amazing! Also it really helps my makeup glide on better and stay longer so woo!

When I remove my makeup I use Primark's tea tree cleansing wipes-two packs for £1 (bargain!) I use these as they are really light and aren't too harsh on my skin and also the tea tree gives my skin a little boost. They remove eye makeup really well also and aren't too wet. I really do recommend these as for the price they are amazing value!


This is my favourite part of my skincare routine! Just before I go to sleep I apply the freederm overnight clearing serum-£6.49. It soaks in really quickly so you don't go to bed with a sticky face (vom) and it is really moisturising. But mainly it works! Redness is reduced overnight and I have seen results continuously! WOO FOR FREEDERM!

Honestly I was a bit nervous about spending all this money on the freederm range as I thought it would be one of those things that claims loads but doesn't deliver, but I've been really impressed by the results and I would recommend it to anyone that battles to keep their skin clear like I do!

I try and use this once a week but I'm lazy so lolllls! this must be like my third pot of the lush mask of magnamity-£5.25 Me, my mum and my sister all use this and ugh I JUST LOVE IT! It smells amaaazing and as it's minty it just feels really cooling and fresh on my skin. Also when I wash it off I like to really scrub my face with it to use it as an exfoliator as well as the particles in it are the perfect size to not be too abrasive on my skin. Using this has really helped my skin as I have quite oily skin, but if you're looking for a good face mask lush make so so so so many and everyone in stores are really helpful and truly know their stuff, so I really recommend just going to your closest store and asking them any questions you have about the best products for your skin as they are always so helpful!

Sticking to this routine has improved my skin so so so so much and I've only been using these products for less than a month and I already see results to the point where I'm now pretty confident to go out without a full face of makeup!

Another thing that has helped my skin loads is just having a couple of makeup rest days, what is the point in putting makeup on, which will clog up your pores, when you're just lounging round the house? So when you aren't doing anything, wipe your makeup off and give your skin some time to breathe! Trust me it will help!

Bare face Lucy oh em gee.
So that's what i do to try and keep my skin clear, what do you do?! Leave me a comment telling me your saviour products, or a link to your blog post on it!
That's all for now folks
Have a loooovely day!

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  2. You've been nominated for Liebster award on my blog

  3. why did it ruin your skin??
    Great post! I want to try that lush product

    Check out my latest post!

  4. I've never bought any products from freederm before! I have to change my facial wash frequently as my skin adapts to the ingredients and stops working - annoying! Great post, thanks for sharing!


  5. Great post and tips, thanks for sharing!


  6.  Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other Beauty Write For Us blogs that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!


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