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By Lucy Harbron - 19:51


I've been a really rubbish blogger lately but hey ho im sorry! A lovely girl on instagram asked me to do the 50 facts about me tag thingy so here you go!

1) my name is Lucy and I like to pretend that I was named after the Beatles song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" but I wasn't...my parents just liked the name (dull.)
2) when im older I don't want to be anything but a writer.
3)I love music and im constantly making playlists for days out or just lounging around.
4)im in love with Lewis Watson and Keaton Henson to the point you don't even understand.
5)im currently 2 weeks into my summer holiday and I really don't want to go back to school.
6)when I go back to school i'll be in year 11 (or 10th grade)
7)my favourite subjects are art, English and RS and my least favourite are French, science and maths.
8)I love to read as well as write.
9)some of my favourite books include the fault in our stars and perks of being a wallflower (oh god that's so unoriginal ahahah)
10)I follow like a zillion poetry accounts on instagram and I love reading everyone's stuff.
11)im obsessed with cara delevingne and Gabrielle aplin.
12)my favourite TV shows are Britain and Irelands next top model (please comment if you watch it, I NEED DISCUSSION), glee, new girl and two broke girls.
13)I watch a lot of films and my favourites are 500 days of summer, ferris bueller's day off, nowhere boy, submarine, breakfast at tiffany's and the breakfast club.
14)my room is never massively untidy and I have major OCD about everything being in the right place.
15)im pretty shy until I get used to you, then you will never get me to shut up.
16)I cant smile in photos, they always end up like this...
17)I really like hennas and I would like a tattoo when im older but only a really small subtle one.
18)I spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos, A LOT.
19)finding new music makes me really happy.
20)I hate kindles so so so so much.
21)I get cold really easily.
22)the fact my prom is less than a year ago excites me so so so much.
23)I really want to get my hair done by bleach London and stalk their instagram daily.
24)my favourite song changes daily so never ask me what It is.
25)I just really love shopping.
26)I take far to many selfies, and if you give me your phone you will end up with like 100 photos within 10 minutes.
27)pretty much everything scares me, especially dying...and childbirth...and everything else.
28)I get bored really easily and im constantly wanting to changing things in my life but im too scared.
29)im too afraid to cut my hair.
30)I have over 2000 songs on my iPod.
31)I would kill for bigger eyebrows, GROWWWWWW!
32)im very uninteresting.
33)putting my makeup on is probably the highlight of my day (apart from food)
34)I really love food,
35)my dream house would be really big and have a library...IN A TOWER.
36)wooden floors and big windows make me happy.
37)I wish I had a really nice accent but I don't (cry).
38)I really wanted the royal baby to be a girl only because I wanted to see her in princess costumes.
39)I really want a record player so I can buy vinyl's of my favourite albums.
40)the great Gatsby was one of the best films I think I've ever seen.
41)these facts are extremely boring.
42)I wish I was more adventurous but im quite self-conscious so get put off.
43)I love rollercoasters and Disneyland is heaven.
44)I would secretly love to be a model but scndkln my face.
45)my friends make me laugh so much and I love them all.
46)I cant wait for October/November as im seeing Kodaline and Gabrielle aplin WOO
47)I really want to have a book published before I can drive.
48)I like the idea of orange lipstick but im too much of a wuss.
49)I honestly have no idea what im going to do when my sister goes to uni.
50)facts are hard.
I want to know some facts about you so leave 3 facts about yourself in the comments or leave a link to your 50 facts about me post!
That's all for now folks,
have a lovely lovely day!


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  1. Those facts are great :) I love the fault in our stars and the perks of being a wallflower too. Ahh, and I LOVE Cara Delevingne!


    - Jos xx


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