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By Lucy Harbron - 18:41


When I'm older i want to write for a fashion magazine (if i cant be an author of course) so when Kayleigh from my fave shop pretty twisted invited me to come and watch a photo shoot and take some photos and help out i was super happy! So big love to pretty twisted and here's what went down!

 I didn't really know what to expect from the day, I've never been in a photo shoot/work/journalism situation before. But everyone was lovely, the models Katie, Molly and Amy were stuuunnnnninggg, and i actually had the best day!

before the photographer Sally (loved her hair) arrived everyone was so busy laying out outfits, planning shots to show items in the best way, even applying temporary tattoos. Also one of the models, Katie, did every ones makeup and i really enjoyed watching her work, so much effort and precision was put it and everyone looked incredible!

This was also the first time i got to see the Dahlia range which you can find in the oxford street London... and now pretty twisted (eeeck!) and OMG the stuff is flawless, my favourite item was definitely the white lace dress, so pretty!

when the photographer arrived everything started going so quickly! Photos of phone cases, jewellery, even straws were taken as well as the many many many outfits we had selected! The photographers were incredible and it was so nice to watch them work, i especially liked the shots with the spotlight just beautiful! Everything happened so so so quickly and everyone was busy, changing outfits, planning shots, deciding on the next outfit!

There were some beautiful outfits, but my two favourite looks were-

(woren by Amy)
white lace-dahlia (£60)
white rose flower crown-silver lining creations stocked by pretty twisted
This is literally my dream outfit! So summery, but i would actually love it for prom! PERFECT!
(Woren by Katie)
Top-Models own
Skirt-Dahlia (£41)
Shoes-Models own (jeffery campbell Brooklyn T-bar Wedge CRY CRY SO JEALOUS UGH)
Flower crown-Silver lining creations stocked by pretty twisted

I think this is the perfect festival outfit, i heard the photographer describe it as stylish gypsy and i so agree! It got a perfect balance between tough and girly, and those shoes OMG! Lets all take a moment to appriciate how beautiful Katie is!
Overall it was the best day and im sooooo excited to see how the shots turn out! I love pretty twisted so much and im so happy to have been a part of the day, So big love to the girls!

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BTW! Today i wore-
Dress (underneath)-Urban outfitters
Lipstick-Some rubbish one cause my poo of a friend stole mine!


That's all for now folks
Have a lovely lovely day!

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