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By Lucy Harbron - 20:06


Im sorry for being away for so long, but my exams are finally over so HURRAYYYY! I still don't have a camera but I'm hoping the one i ordered with arrive soon yaaay! then all will be well!

Anyways! I've been thinking recently just how many products get hyped up by bloggers/you tubers and everyone seems to just say how amazing the product is! So I'm going to start testing and writing reviews of these products that get so hyped up, so you can make an informed decision because don't you just hate it when you buy a product and its rubbish?! ugh its the worst!

I've used this concealer since about February and i recently re-purchased it. Honestly i really like it purely because of how well the fair shade matches my skin tone. I have really light skin, so finding a concealer that isn't too orange is sooo hard, but this matches reaaally well! I do find that i have to moisturing (i use toner water from lush) before applying the concealer as otherwise it doesn't blend it too well, but it still isn't terrible and does leave a nice finish. I don't have this problem often as i have quite oily skin, but i can imagine it wouldn't apply nicely onto dry skin as sometimes it can cling to skin and not glide over very easily if that makes sense IDK! Also tubes maaaan they're the worst! as you can never totally finish them!
Overall i think for the price this concealer is reeeaaallllyyy good as it does last long and does apply really nice over moisturised skin. But i do think if you have more money to spend on concealer, maybe try a bigger brand, as although for me the concealer is perfect, I'm sure you can do better!
Let me know what you think of the concealer if you've tried it in the comments!
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day

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  1. heyy, would you recommend this for a pale skin tone? because all the ones I have tried are like to dark or orange for my skin tone
    Thanks, Laura x

    1. yes definitely, i have the exact same problem! as long as you moisturise or use a toner before using it, it blends in really nicely!

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  3. The lovely thing about this concealer is the amount of coverage it offers, since you really don't need a lot of it to cover anything!

    Kate x



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