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By Lucy Harbron - 21:04


The lovely Emily from Starlitskiees tagged me to do the "i heart spring" tag, which i had planned to do anyway so yaaaay! And the weather is improving here in Britain so the timing couldn't be more perfect!

1) Favourite spring nail polish?
I don't really have many spring colours at the moment, but I'm looking forward to rocking some neon nails, cath kidston nail art, and anything with my matte top coat floats my goat!
2)Must have lip colour?
I'm loving bright lips, so my maybelline super stay 14hr lipstick in infinitely fuchsia is a must!

3)Favourite Spring Dress?
I haven't been out spring shopping yet as i live in England so spring isn't until July! But my Topshop denim pinafore (£38) is my go to!

4) Favourite Flower?
ERM ALL OF THEM! I think my fave is a carnation!

5)Favourite Spring Accessory!
EASY! My floral headband that i made last night! SO EASY TO MAKE AND I'M IN LOVE!

6)Which spring trend are you most excited about?
HMMMM so many! I'm looking forward to working coloured eyeliner, bright lips and rocking the monochrome and neon combo! YAAAAY

7)Favourite spring candle?
I'm not really a candle person so none!

8) Favourite spring perfume?
I remain addicted to Wonderstruck (thank u Taylor for making this beauty!)
9)What is spring like where you live?
Well i live in England, so it is basically rain! But every now and then we have really lovely sunny days with blue skies and heat! HURRAY
10)Whats your favourite thing about spring?
I love blue skies, and sunny evenings, and being able to sit in the garden and draw/write!
11) Are you a spring cleaner?
Well I'm never untidy so not really as i don't have a need! (OCD pays off people!)
12)What are you plans for spring break/upcoming holiday?
Well it's the Easter holidays now, so pretty much revising, eating and staying up late!
I tag-
Immy- Be Beautiful9 (Who made my banner and helps me out loads!)
Hope- The girl no one knows (she's new and lovely so go say hi!)
Leave me a link to your post in the comments!
That's all for now folks, my camera has passed away so my posts until my birthday will be slightly restricted or with terrible photography! SORRY!
Have a lovely day

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  1. I love this lipstick; such a fab shade! <33 The floral headband is beautiful! :)


  2. I love the nail art and the lipstick:)
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