In an ideal world i would...

By Lucy Harbron - 21:43


I have exams coming up so that means-

  1. Lack of posts
  2. really rubbish outfits
I know i know its terrible but I'm so lazzzzy so I'm starting a new thing for this blog so i can dream!

In An Ideal World I Would...
Valentino A/W13 lace dress
Office Loafers
Topshop lipstick in tease
Go- For a walk to Starbucks in the sun to pick up a cool lime refresher aka heaven. Then i would sit and read a book and write. Basically i wouldn't revise.
Listen to- James Blake's Cover of a case of you on repeat!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post so i know whether to continue them!
That's all for now folks,
have a lovely day

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  1. you should do these kinds of posts more often! xo xx


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