OOTD-Chilly Fairy...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:20


second OOTD in a row ooops! I have a really fun post planned but it is taking a lot of prep but will be up this week! But just for now here you go lovelies xo

OOTD-Chilly Fairy
Something about this outfit made me feel like a fairy or maybe it was because i was talking about fairies when i picked it out I DON'T KNOW! But i love how delicate the top and skirt are contrasted with the chunky knitted cardigan!
Top-River Island-£15

I didn't add any accessories other than my cream topshop socks just for a little added cuteness and plus I'm TOTALLY addicted to these socks!

For my makeup i kept my face super simple but clashed my orange cardi with bright red lips just so the outfit had a bold factor to it and wasn't boring!

At LFW both J mendel and Missoni were working this super straight top, wavy bottom type thing, but i made it a bit more casual and wearable by taking the side parts of my hair and pinning them back really tight and making the rest of my hair slightly wavy.

And that's it! Let me know what you're wearing today!
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day
Much love
Song of the day
Is this love-Bob Marley OH YEAH!

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