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By Lucy Harbron - 22:22


It is almost mothers day and mums all around the worlds are saying the most annoying sentence ever...

"I don't want anything"
UGH! WE ALL KNOW YOU WANT SOMETHING AND EVEN IF YOU DON'T WE HAVE TO BUY YOU SOMETHING SO JUST TELL ME! UGH UGH! but on a less angsty annoyed teenager note I'm here yo give you some present suggestions that allow you to gift your mama but also help yourself!


What to get your mum when-she seriously needs to chillax
If your mum is a bit of a stresser and she seriously needs to chill out and calm down you want to get her something that will make her super relaxed and calm. In this case Lush is your best friend (you will soon learn that lush is always your best friend) look for things with lavender, rose, floral or fruity smells that all mums love! Baths are the best option as who doesn't feel relaxed after a good bath?!
 "a french kiss" bubble bar-£4.15
"happy" bubble bar-£3.25
What to get your mum when-You want something
There is only one option. Photos. You gotta bust out the baby photos and all those ugly old holiday photos. Either make a scrap book or fill a pretty box with old photos, memories, keep sakes. She will cry and you will win!
What to get your mum when-She's a clean freak
If your mum washes her hands a zillion times a day Lush (again) is your best friend! Get her a slab of super pretty soap and she will love you forever!
"Willow pattern" soap-£4.95 for a chunk
"Miranda" soap-£3.40
What to get your mum when-You want cake
Who doesn't want cake?! But seriously who has the time to go through all the stages to make a cake when it always goes wrong! meet packet mixes, your new best friend!
Chocolate heaven. £2.25 from tesco

Blueberry goodness right here! £2.25 from tesco
What to get your mum when- you are broke
The best option if you're broke is offering your services! Print out some vouchers telling her you will tidy up, wash the dishes, anything! Nails are always a good option and as it is tradition to buy your mum flowers, why not paint them on her nails instead!
Cath Kidston Nails Tutorial
You will need;
nail varnish in a light colour
white nail art pen
white nail varnish
light and dark pink nail pens or light pink and red
green nail art pen
  1. Paint all the nails one colour, I'm using topshops Tidal £6 but any light, cute colour will do!   
 2) Using the white nail art pen draw a large flower shape on fingers one, three and five and then colour that it!

 3)On nails two and four draw a white line along the middle of the nail, then using the white nail varnish make the line thicker and more even. Once this is done use the nail art pen to draw a lace look along the edge of the line.

4) Now you need to get your pink/red colours.
On nails 1,3 and 5 draw a large flower using big dots in the light pink. Then add a bit of shading by going over some parts of the flower in a darker pink.
Then take the green and draw on some leaves and white dots around the edge. DONE!

5) On nails 2 and four you can choose between the same pinks you used on the large flowers, or doing the flowers in red so they are bolder (i did both so i could show you, but i prefer the pinks). You want to take the nail art pen and draw three little flowers within the white line just by doing four little blobs. Then take the other colour and add dots of shading like before, then the leaves! DONE!
And that's it! Super pretty, cath kidston inspired nails that yo mama will love (and it wont cost you a penny!) You can thank me later!

OH! and for all types of mums, chocolate is always a good idea!
That's all for now folks!
Have a great day
Much love
thought of the day
Les mis is depressing but wowzas Amanda seyfried can SING!
Song of the day!
Once again comes from my fave instagrammer! This song has been on repeat and i want to marry her voice. That is all.
Darling,please-Zoe Holman sadly she doesn't have a you tube but you NEED TO CHECK THIS LINK TO HERE HER ANGEL VOICE!

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  1. Loved this post! I think I'll make my mama a scrapbook! And buy her chocolate 'cause that's always good :) My mum always says she wants nothing!


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