Welcoming February...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:17


January went to quick. Scarily quick!

January Summary
So January was pretty dull. Lots of exams and homework and boring school stuff! BUT a lot of exciting stuff including;

  • Braces off (FINALLY)
  • London trip-i will live there one day.
  • Bedroom painted-I promise i will put some pictures up, I'm just in the process of finishing things off so it will look perfect!
As much as i did quite a lot in January i don't feel like i achieved much so I've decided to set myself some goals this month and if i don't complete them you can yell at me (please don't )

Learn to revise-I'm the world's worst studier. I just can't do it! I always get distracted by something! But this month i need to buckle down and work!

Write More-If i want to be a writer when I'm older i should probably start writing more. I have a goal to get a book published before i can drive (pretty unrealistic but you have to have big dreams!) and i really need to concentrate more on writing as i really do love it!

Learn to apply eyeliner-Now is my time i will perfect my winged eyeliner look even if it kills me!

Read more-There are so many books i want to read and i just haven't been reading much lately but i think this month i will! So I'm going to order some new books to motivate myself so feel free to recommend some to me, leave a comment!

February Wishlist

Tangle Teezer-£10.99-I really need one, just enough said.


Honey Trap Lip Balm-£5.50-Due to my lipstick obsession and my retainer my lips get really dry and hurt a lot. So this sounds like heaven. Not only will it help my lips but it is white chocolate and honey flavoured, let us take a moment of silence to appreciate how amazing that sounds. (!!!!!!!!!)

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment-£3.85-
I never got to try the snow fairy product but these bath bombs have the same scent and look adore adorable so i think I'll give one a go!
Lipstick in Hazard-£8-Since my friend got my a topshop lipstick for Christmas I've been in love with them! The colours are so matte and they really hydrate your lips. I'm really loving bright lips at the moment and this deep red is just beautiful! 
Cream Blush in Prime Time-£6-People have been raving about these blushes for ages so i think it is time i jumped on the band waggon! Also isn't this colour just the cutest!!
A lot of clothes and shoes-I want the whole shop.
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat-£4.59-I'm not a fan on super shiny nails so I'm really excited to purchase and try this! I'll put up some pictures when i get it as I've seen some amazing pictures on it! EEECK super excited! 
Illamasqua's Imperfection Nail Varnish-£14.50-Super pricey but I'm so in love with this! It is inspired by birds eggs and has cute little speckles in it to make your nails look like teeny eggs! I want it so so so much!

H&M faux fur collar-£5-I've seen so many people wearing these and they are so pretty! I love how simple and classy they look and ugh i want one! At first i wasn't going to get one as i don't have the right sort of coat, but i have since decided that i need one in my life and will just have to purchase a new coat! 
An Abundance of Katherines-John Green-The Fault in my stars will always remain my favourite book, i have read it over 10 times since April when i got it! I finally think it is time to try out a new John Green book and my friend Jess recommended this one! If any of you have read it please tell me what you think!

14000 things the be happy about-Barbara Ann Kipfer-This book is genius. It is just a long this of things to be happy about and i feel like i need it in my life!
So that's my February plan! Let me know what you want to do/buy!
That's all for now folks remember to subscribe!
Have a good day
Much love
Song Of the day
Every Lucy Rose song ever.

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