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By Lucy Harbron - 20:34


It is finally time to let you into my little room. EEEECK

So since i was about 10/11 years old my room had been BRIGHT red with all white furniture.Which i guess was nice and all but lately i started to feel like i didn't belong in my room, like it didn't show who i am! I'm not a loud person really, so i felt like my room was just too loud for me. So after a lot of thinking and decision making i finally changed it!
  • I took down my huge collage wall.
  • i changed my bedding.
  • I took things down off my pin board.
  • I took little bits of my walls and shelves.
  • And generally de-cluttered my room and made it a lot more simple.
I painted my room a beautiful pastel, dusty rose colour called "pashmina" by crown paint. I adore the colour, so girly and pretty!

So i have a really small room so to maximise space i have all built in cupboards. Which i don't mind as it makes my room a lot bigger and lighter.
I have my HUGE wardrobe where i keep my main clothes-jeans, dresses, skirts, posh tops, cardigans, jumpers etc. And then as you can see the bottom is basically a pig sty where I'm supposed to store all my bags...but instead i just kind of throw things in there....I'm a teenager OK!
I also have a cupboard with a mirrored door which stored my accessories, hair things, t-shirts, and shorts. The drawers below have my PJ's, socks and stuff like that in. Kinda boring!
I have lots of other cupboard but they store boring things like school stuff, ew! Then i have my drawers! The 1st and 2nd drawer are my art and stationary drawers. Then we have my beauty drawer which stores my straighteners, hair dryer, about 1000 moisturisers, makeup, hairspray, pretty much everything a girl could ever want/need is in this drawer! The one below that stores my DVDs, which is totally pointless as i only watch breakfast at Tiffany's, clueless, submarine, 500 days of summer, nowhere boy and Winnie the pooh.
One of my favourite things about my room is the fact that the direction it faces means that i get loads of light into my room, perfect for taking the prettiest photos for instagram and for you lovely people on my blog! Isn't natural light the best! Also i searched everywhere for a blind like this, i just think blinds like this really add a little extra cuteness to a room, mine even has an adorable embroyded edge! Love it so much and it was only from boyes!

So i had looked everywhere for my bedding and had kind of given up. But then BAM unwrapped it on Christmas (love you mummy and daddy xo) I love it so much, it's pattern is a recreation of an old vintage material. The colours are so vibrant and pretty and it is lined with a gorgeous dark plum cord. Super cute. On my bedside table i have my best memories of 2013 pot, i think this idea is so sweet and I'm really excited about it!


Above my bed i plan on making a photo frame collage so i can still have lots of photos around me without my walls becoming to cluttered or unorganised. So far i only have a couple but i really like it!
If you like my white love heart hanging you can get that from a lovely little business called "max, Olly and me" find them on facebook HERE

Around my headboard i had planned on putting fairy lights, but then i fell in love with this beautiful butterfly garland from Vintage Vogue. It is so well made and the colours on the butterflies are so pretty. It is definitely my favourite thing in my room. I massively recommend taking a look at Vintage Vogue's facebook page as they sell some beautiful things for your home as well as amazing clothes and jewellery. find them HERE!
At the bottom of my bed is my bookshelf which hold my life basically! You all know that i want to be a writer so naturally i read a lot! My favourite books are perks of being a wallflower, one day, Wonder and of course the fault in our stars! Leave me a comment telling me your favourite books! I also keep my company/NME magazines on my shelves along with revision guides, art books etc etc!


On my walls i have 2 shelves that hold my favourite things in the world. Special little things that mean a lot to me or i have some connection to. My top shelf holds my insanely big Disney princess snow globe collection which i used to collect as a child. I only need one more to complete my collection, and i will get my snow white one day.
Hanging off my shelves are two little gift tags from little cherub design which i think are really cute. Little cherub design also sells some lovely home things so give their facebook page a visit HERE
Below this i have my pin board which i have always loved. I decluttered it after painting and it still isn't complete. I plan on filling it with my favourite photos, old pictures, old vogue covers, patterns, just anything i find pretty or inspiring will go on my pin board!
I also have a second pin board on the back of my door which contains my favourite quotes from my favourite books. If i read something and i like it or it inspires me i write it out on a post-it note and pin it on. It also contains a bit of a typewriter ribbon which i used when attempting to write my first novel totally on a typewriter...i soon gave up and went back to Microsoft word, still love my typewriter though!
So that's my room! I would love to here about yours so write a blog post and leave a link below, i promise to read them all!
That's all for now folks remember to subscribe and like my facebook page!
Have a great day
Much love
Thought of the day
Imagine if you were someone awesome like Audrey Hepburn or Elvis
Presley in a past life but you never knew...
Song of the day
Goodbye Kiss-Lana Del Rey (kasabian cover)

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  1. What a nice room you have here. I really like the transformation. Lucky you for having a creative mind. And also, pashmina is the perfect choice of color for you. I am impressed!

  2. Thats a nice cd you got on your pin board ;)

  3. Love your room! Very inspiring :) I really wish I liked The Fault in our Stars but for some reason I didn't :( I love Perks of being a Wallflower and One Day though!
    Really good post x

    1. how did you not like it?!?! omg but yeah super good books! xo

  4. do you have tumblr? :)


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