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By Lucy Harbron - 19:53

oh hey!

So today i got my new company magazine (best day of the month by faaaaaaaaaaaar) and when i opened it i saw Lianne La Havas on the cover and the words "look like Cara D" Let us take a moment to thank company for combining two of the best people on earth. THANK YOU XO

So i thought i would share my current obsessions with you-people, trends, even food! All photos from either google or my instagram!

Lana Del Rey-I had always thought Lana was a bit monotone and dull but I've converted. Her lyrics are so powerful and thought provoking and she has so many different sides to her that she shows in her music. Vulnerable like in "never let me go" or tough and sassy (cant believe i said that.) in "Diet Mountain Dew". I still remain that she isn't the strongest live but her recorded songs and demos are incredible! Also her style is amazing! She has an true retro American vibe to her and her makeup is so simple but she always looks so flawless! I'm pretty much jealous of her whole life.

Eyebrows-Eyebrows can really annoy me but omg they are the best. I hate it when people have ridiculous black, slug eyebrows but Cara Delevingne and Rosie Tapner are eyebrow angels. JUST LOOK AT THEM! I'm on a mission to achieve eyebrows that would make my girl Cara proud.I'M DETERMINED! I love really big natural eyebrows as i think they really define your face shape and they give you a really tough look that also looks pretty. Rosie Tapner is the new face of topshop and a rise star of a model, and i pretty much in love with her eyebrows. Kinda weird but i don't care! Chanel's embroyded eyebrows were so beautiful, why cant people have eyebrows that amazing?! THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS PEOPLE! (calm down Lucy.)
Whittard's Tea-I don't like tea but i can't go past a Whittards of Chelsea without going in to try their tea. For Christmas Santa bought me some peach Melba flavour instant tea and it took over my life! If you don't like tea you seriously need to try this and it is basically juice but you can finally have an excuse to drink out of tea cups! They have some amazing flavours but i massively recommend the peach Melba one! YUMTASTIC!

My Mad Fat Diary Fashion-I really don't recommend watching this show with your parents (worst decision i ever made.) but while cringing at all the awkward moments you will be thinking about how amazing the clothes are! The main character Rae's best friend Chloe is a fashion god! She works pinafores, high necks, crop tops, double denim, all the things you're scared to try, she is already wearing! Rae's other friend Izzy is a lot more girly but she makes some brave fashion choices but working baby doll dresses, skirts and bright ginger hair!
Makeup Changes-I'm really enjoying changing my makeup routine/products at the moment! This week I've been enjoying super doll-ish blusher using my topshop cream blush, minimal mascara and massively loving my new Collection 2000 concealer. Lots and Lots and Lots of fun!

Healthy Snacks-I've never been one for healthy food, fruit and all that. But recently i just haven't been fancying massively sugary things. I've been loving Special K's sea salt and balsamic vinegar cracker crisps! They just taste like crisps but they are much less greasy and fatty and a lot thicker. I really like them and i think they are much more filling than crips! I've also been loving apple with peanut butter. I've loved this since i saw the Jonas brothers eating it when i was like 7 and it sounds weird but trust me it tastes amazing and it is really healthy! Also Lift Berry tea which my mum got me from tesco. It is like the Whittards tea but not as strong and i found that it really helped me sleep so yaaaay! My mum also made an insane flapjack with cheerios and cranberries, it was amaaaazing!
Home Improvement-I've been thinking about little things for my room. Like a cake stand to store candles, lip balms and lush products like I've been seeing on instagram a lot! And i also really want a lipstick holder because my makeup bag is at bursting point! If anyone has any little DIY projects that are really cute leave me a comment i would love to make some!
HAIM-HAIM have been my favourite band for quite a while now and they are some of the best dressed sisters since the Fannings! With a hint of Lana's retro American with a grunge twist they make me want to rip my jeans and buy a leather jacket. Este is probably my favourite person, she brings some girly outfits to the trio pairing a floral bandeau with a black skater skirt. She is also hilarious and together with her sisters they make some SICK music!
Cara Delevingne's Cheekbones-Do i really have to say anything?!
That's all for now folks leave me a comment telling me your obsessions and remember to subscribe!
Have a great day
Much love
Thought of the Day
Imagine if everyone was fashion fabulous and worked bright mascara, amazing eyebrows and just didn't care, how great would it be?!
Song of the Day
It's Time-Imagine Dragons

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