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By Lucy Harbron - 22:04


This month i spent every last penny of my Christmas money and now I'm broke! UH OH!

I've actually bought very little clothing this month. nothing has really caught my eye and I'm conscious that we are currently in that awkward limbo between winter and spring (LOL it snowed yesterday!)
But here goes!
Trousers-Primark-£16-I love how these look on and the colour and pattern are beautiful! I wore them in my ootd diary but i really haven't been wearing them that much which is annoying! I normally avoid buying trousers from primark because they really aren't good at all, you can only wear them for a short amount of time before they go weird and aren't skinny/tight anymore which i don't like as i just don't feel comfortable in them when they aren't tight, they feel icky! But they still look really really nice for a limited time so for a meal out or whatever and they were good price!

Denim Skater Skirt-Topshop-£20-I love this skirt so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! Since buying it I've pretty much been wearing it 24/7 and i never want to take it off! It falls so nicely and it looks lovely with a jumper over but I'm also super excited to wear it with cute shirts and cardigans in spring with little loafers and ballet pumps, SO READY SO SPRING GUYS, BRING IT ON! Also i thought for topshop £20 was quite cheap, which just adds to how AMAZING this skirt it! I would show you a photo but I'm kind of wearing it! So here's a photo of me being a cheerleader in it from my last post! mwah
Polka Dot T-shirt-Next-£12-I honestly don't know why i like this t-shirt so much! It is so simple yet i really like how it looks on. The elastic around the bottom gives it a really nice shape and i like the cut out kinda things around the neckline. I think it will look really pretty with my skirt and LOADS of bright red lipstick in spring. Just really simple but super cute.

Adorable Socks-Topshop-£8 (£3.50 each or 3 for £8)-I don't understand why it has taken me so long to buy some of these socks?! They are so cute and look so pretty with my chunky brogues or any shoes in fact! I think they really add something to an outfit and i love love love them!
Beauty & Skincare
I went a wee bit insane this month with buying products as well as my collection of freebies! my hey ho now my skin feels amaaaazing!
Cream Blush in "Flush"-Topshop-£6-This little beauty has now become a daily product and has made it's way into my school makeup routine. I really like how natural it looks, it isn't too bright that you look odd, but it leaves you with a really pretty rosy glow which i think leaves my face looking nice and fresh and healthy! Also it blends in really well and applies super easily, BONUS POINTS!
Concealer-Collection 2000 (boots)-£4.56-Loads of beauty bloggers have been raving about this and i now understand why. It lasts AGES and has total coverage and doesn't leave my skin feeling really cakey and icky. I've always hated liquid concealers like that due to bad experiences but now I'm definitely a convert, i absolutely love it and recommend it to EVERYONE AND ANYONE!
Matte Top Coat-Rimmel-£5.59-I wrote a whole post about this and i still totally love it! I wear it over all colours and i still love the effect it leaves. If you don't like shiny nails this is the product for you, works amazingly!
Eyebrow Pencil-Rimmel-£2.99-I have a slight (way more than slight) obsession with eyebrows at the moment and I'm deter mind to get a bolder bushier pair like Cara Delevingne's so i purchased an eyebrow pencil! I have really dark brows so i was worried about ending up with slug brows but i think the pencil looks really natural and makes my brows look sasssssy! 
Grease Lightning-Lush-£5.59-I got a little tester pot of grease lightning and after like 3 days i was back to buy the full pot. It is amazing! I left my skin feeling really hydrated and i could see a difference in spottiness after only a few days. If you struggle keeping icky teenage skin under contol go and buy this! It feels like a dream and smells really really nice!
Mask Of Magnaminty-Lush-£4.95-This is my second pot of this face mask and i still love it! It smells amazing, it works really well and really exfoliated your skin. Again if you struggle with your skin you should definitely buy this because it has massively improved mine and it feels really really nice on!
Butterfly Garland-Vintage Vogue-£4-I really really love this and i wrote more about it in my room tour but it just think it looks so pretty around my headboard! I even named my favourite butterfly Evangeline-She the most majestic (wowzas I'm strange!)


Hanger thingy-Ikea-Unknown-I had planned to sort this out earlier this week but I'm lazy so i haven't done it yet! But it is a hanger to put all your belts and school tie on. I bought it in an attempt to tidy the mess i call my wardrobe!
Tea-Whittards-£5.50 each-I don't like tea but I'm ADDICTED to these flavoured teas! I got the peach Melba tea for Christmas and finished it in like 2 weeks but there isn't a whittards near me so you can imagine my excitement when i spotted one in Newcastle and then another in Leeds! I'm currently drinking like 3 cups a day and own both pina colada and pink lemonade flavours. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, SERIOUSLY! tastes like heaven.
Grand total-£100.68 lol wut?!?!?!?!?! brb checking into rehab...
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Have a good day!
Much Love
Thought of the day
Haven't left the house in 2 days.... THE SUN.
Song Of The Day
These waters-Ben Howard

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