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I know i said i would try and blog daily but i spent most of yesterday attempting to draw a perfume bottle for art and it just. wouldn't. work. So that's my excuse!

Today in the life of Lucy i took a trip to Newcastle with my bestest friends and i bought tea. That's it! But i did pick up some more freebies (I LOVE YOU LUSH!) which i will include in my review, and benefit showed me how to make my eyebrows look much thicker and Cara d-ish, so huge thank you to them!

But onto the point!

So it has been almost a month since the last time i applied mascara! Quite an achievement if i do say so myself seen as I've always been a mascara lover. But it got to the point where i felt like i was applying so much heavy mascara that it made my eyes look a lot smaller and just horrible! So i took small steps changing to only wearing a little but of mascara on my bottom lashes then stopping wearing mascara all together. Fair to say, it was a big deal.
I've always felt that my eyes look really horrible and small without mascara, that i need it to widen and brighten my eyes, that without it my face will look really boring. I WAS WRONG!
Over the month I've realised how much wider and brighter my eyes have looked, and also how much more noticeable the colours are. Not wearing mascara seems to have really made my eye colour pop and stand out with i like, a lot!
Not wearing mascara has given me more time on a morning to try new things. For example I've spent more time on my blusher making my face look more doll like, and really defining and emphasising my eyebrows so other parts of my face finally get the chance to show off without insane amounts of mascara hogging their limelight. Also not wearing mascara has made my lipstick addiction MUCH MUCH worse, i think i need to go to rehab.

Overall i like the effect going mascara-less has had on my face, i think it really opens up my eyes and makes them seem much bigger and generally just opens up my face and looks a lot more natural!

We all know that mascara really isn't very good for eyelashes and after doing some research i learnt that although mascara makes eyelashes look longer, it actually makes them shorter and causes them to get damaged and fall out etc etc and don't even get me started on eyelash curling! I had never really been bothered about the effects of mascara until this month when I've noticed a HUGE difference in the feel/length/look of my lashes!
Over the month my eyelashes have got so so so much longer to the point now where i don't feel like i need to wear lengthening mascara!
I like my bottom lashes to stand out as i like how dollish they look so i used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes mainly to darken them. Over this month they seem to have darkened, I'm not really sure how but now they are noticeable without mascara. 
Overall my eyelashes just seem much healthier and it is so nice not having weighed down lashes, and now i don't have to worry about running mascara in the rain or smudging it when i rub my eyes, UGH I FEEL SO FREE!
I do think i will return to mascara one day but i never plan to go back to wearing the amount i used to! I seriously recommend taking sometime to try out my no-mascara month, I've really liked how my face has been looking and just having the chance to try different things out.
Leave me a comment what your opinion on the whole no mascara thing is!
I now have a fully functioning facebook page where I'll be asking you for suggestions, asking questions and just generally rambling! So take a peek at that HERE!
That's all for now folks!
Have a great day
Much love
Ps. Big up Benefit for making my eyebrows look amazing!
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