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So everything is changing, DON'T FREAK OUT! I'm in the process of redoing my room, going from a horrid bright red to a cute dusty rose colour. Super excited and i think it will look amazing, so I'll show you some pictures after it is all done and dusted! But while all this is going on my blog posts might not be daily especially tomorrow as i have a party (Lucy?! at i party?! I'm as shocked as you!) So if you are lucky i might to a "Get ready with me" post to show you all how i do my party makeup and hair! let me know if you want to see that in a comment!

          So a couple of days ago i did a post about my top fictional fashion icons (you can read that HERE if you haven't already) and that got me thinking about who my real life style icons are. So obviously I'm going to share them with you lovely people!

My Style Inspiration!

Marina Diamandis (Marina&the diamonds)

I'm a huge marina fan and her style has changed so much! I think her look now is really her at the top of her game, she really looks amazing! I love her Electra Heart look so much and spend countless hours watching tutorials on how to get her look (obsessive.) She just always looks so girly and cute and really rocks the faux-grey hair. I have massive marina-dress envy, SO MANY PASTEL DRESSES! She always looks for classic and flawless from her hair ribbon to her shoes. As much as i hope her Electra look stay I'm really excited to see what happens next. During her Family Jewels era she was mishmash and her style was too out-there for me (i was a sucker for that hippo dress though!) but i think now she is very understated but still makes a strong statement that really matches the theme of her Electra Heart album. I was happy to see her dark hair back in her "How to be a heart breaker" video as she just suits it so much. SO excited to see what happens next in the "marina fashion story" eeeck!

Taylor Swift

I wrote a HUGE piece on Taylor's fashion over on the fashion page but those pages are going soon so why not write some more about her on here! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! seriously, I'm a MASSIVE fan, like obsessed. Her style is just so laid back yet still so feminine and classic. I love seeing pictures of her just walking around in jeans and a duffle coat because she looks so casual yet amazing. I love her vintage floral dresses and skirt/shirt outfits. I think Taylor knows what she suits and what she doesn't and really knows how to put a good outfit together! Since the release of Red she hasn't been seen anywhere without bright red lipstick, and she always looks so amazing! With minimal eye and cheek makeup she uses her lipstick as a statement. Begin Again is one of my favourite songs off hers but I'm obsessed with the music video. Not only was it filmed in Paris, but Taylor wears the nicest clothes! Every shot I'm like "OMG SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!" I love her lilac, backless dress and her Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (shoe-envy, MASSIVE shoe-envy, i would sell my kidney for those shoes.) Everything Taylor wears she adds a little country charm to it and i just adore her.

 And no, i don't like Haylor-Taylor is too good for Harry and he is a heart breaker!!! rant over.

Elle Fanning

Lets take a minute just to let the fact she is 14 sink in. She was born literally 16 days before me! Luckiest teenager ever! Not only does she wear the best designer clothes, so does her sister! Imagine being able to just go to your sister "oh yeah can i borrow your Chanel dress?", JUST IMAGINE! I think the thing i love most about Elle's style is that fact that although she is dressed head to toe in the top designers, she still looks like a teenager, she dresses her age. My favourite of Elle's dresses is either her gold Rodarte dress-i love the structure of this dress and the colour is lush! Or her Black Valentino dress with the long sleeves and bow-This is the cutest little black dress ever, EVER! I love her white shirt dress and mustard yellow cardigan outfit, that looked amazing! But i also like pictures of Elle just out in shorts and a t-shirt looking casual. I love her blond hair with darker roots, i like it maintains a look of childlike innocence and girliness. Elle's is the wardrobe i would most like to steal!

Alexa Chung

Alexa has the nicest hair. wavy, cropped and ombred: my favourite hair looks! I also love Alexa's dresses, she always takes a style such as the LBD and gives it her own little twist. I think her style is really unique and has the right mix between feminine and a sort of festival look which i really love! I think she just personifies everything British fashion is and should be. I love the way she styles over-sized blazers and cardigans and how she mixes designer pieces with high street fashion! She wear something everyone will like as she has just a wide range of looks!

Jameela Jamil
Jameela's column is one of my favourite parts of company it makes me laugh so much! But i also love her range on very, especially her red play suit. I have massive hair envy, Jameela has the nicest hair with a full fringe slightly parted in the middle and long curly dark hair. So basically my dream hair! I think her sense of style is very unique yet simple. It isn't to perfected so it looks effortless and natural which i just adore! Like Alexa, Jameela has a festival feel to her outfits as well which i really really really like! But her makeup is my favourite out of all my inspirations. Jameela has perfected the cat-eye eyeliner look and teams it with a bold lipstick in either a pink or red with a touch of blusher to emphasise her cheek bones. PERFECTION! Her very range is worth a look, so many nice things!

SO They are my real life style icons, tell me who yours are!

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I don't have an outfit today, i was lazy!

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  1. Taylor Swift is my biggest inspiration... ever! And her style is perfect :') I also love Alexa Chung and Elle Fanning as well. And I love Zooey Deschanel's beauty and hair! Anyway you should do a 'getting ready' post, have fun at your party <3
    Niamh x

    P.S oh and I really like Haylor! I hope they last because Taylor seems so happy

    1. I LOVE ZOOEY DESCHANEL! omg same, AS IF I FORGOT HER?!?!? ugh im so annoyed at myself!

      Im such a bad blogger, i got to addicted to made in chelsea then ran out of time to take all the photos i needed and stuff so i can't do the post! is there anything else you would like to see?

  2. Great pictures hun, i hope 2013 brings you everything you want! Have a great day and Happy New Year, i would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other?


    1. I love your blog! i followed, i would really appriciate the follow back, love each one of my lovely followers!

      and happy new year to you too!


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