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I'VE MISSED YOU! i hope to never leave it that long in between blogs again but I've had an insanely busy week! On Monday i got my braces off (can't even describe how happy i am, i started crying happy tears in the car on the way home!), Then on Wednesday i sat a science exam (a big scary official one with seat numbers and everything!) and then yesterday i had one of the best days I've had in a while, it was just amazing. I had to be up at 5:45am to be at a train station for 7 but it was so worth it! I went to London for the day with my English class to take a tour of the globe theatre. In all we were only in London for about 3 hours as it took a long time to get there and back but it was long enough for me to just fall in love with the city. I WILL LIVE THERE ONE DAY!

      Anyways today i thought i would blog about nails cause i love them. I've never been very good at expressing myself so i use a couple of things to show who i am and get out how i feel; my nails, my clothes, what I'm listening to and my writing. My three favourite things in the whole wide world. So i thought i would share some of my favourite nails products and designs!

Lucy's Favourite Nail Products!


Nail Varnish
I own a LOT of nail varnishes as i just keep them so some are like 6 years old. But i have some set favourites that i use repeatedly!

1) Miss Sporty's Metal Flip £1.99 (i think)- I loved this so much i went out and bought another one! They are both colour change metallic nail varnishes which apply really well and have a really think wide brush so you get perfect coverage. They last ages and are really simple but are really effective! I have the light blue/purple/green/silver one and the dark orange/green/gold/purple one and use them both a lot!

2)Collection 2000 lasting colour in Damson Jam £2.99-This is the nicest deep, Burgundy red nail varnish I've ever had! It applies really well and doesn't massively stain your skin like some red nail varnishes do. I think it is just a really rich luxurious colour and it has a nice gloss to it that really dresses it up. I wear it a lot behind a nail art design or just on its own with a white top as a statement. Just a lovely colour!

3)H&M i think!-This was a Christmas present off my bestest friend ever who knows me so well so obviously picks a nail varnish that i instantly fall in love with! It is just a really dense glitter polish which if you apply a couple of layers will totally cover your nail or just apply one layer will leave a couple of glitter particles scattered around. Over Christmas i paired this polish with a Lana Del Rey love heart tip feature nail and it looked so cute, i loved them! so THANK YOU STELLS from buying me this bottle of heaven, i use it constantly!

4)Topshop Nails in Tidal either £5 or £6-This is my first ever topshop nail varnish I'm i will definitely be buying more soon. I love how this polish is quite matte so it looks really sleek  and really full. It applies so easily and lasts ages. I think this colour is just so pretty and looks good with almost everything. I also like it under Cath Kidston nail art, just adore it! My top nail varnish at the moment, ugh i just love it!
Other Nail Stuff I Like!
Collection 2000 Moisture Care Nail Polish Remover-Not only does it take off nail varnish super easy, it moisturises, cleanses, conditions and whitens your nails! And it honestly does a dang good job of it, it leaves my nails feeling really healthy and clean which is so nice after putting them through nail art torture!


OPI's Correct & Clean Up Corrector Pen-I always get in a huge mess when i paint my nails and end up with it all over my finger tips so this is so useful at just cleaning my nails up and making them look really neat. You just pour nail varnish remover into it and it has a really fine tip so you can get rid of any little dots on your skin! TOTALLY PERFECT FOR ME!

OPI's Nail Envy-I paint my nails every weekend without fail sometimes twice! So my nails are a mess, they break really easily and look really unhealthy. BUT then for Christmas i got nail envy and now they look a lot better and are much stronger. You just apply it before the base coat and it protects your nails, i also use it during the week as a clean coat. It is pricey but i personally think it is worth it!
The WAH book of Nail Art-I call this the bible, i just use it so much and love it! I love every single design but my favourites are the candy stripes, half stripes, letterheads, 90s hip hops, POW!s, OKAY I LIKE A LOT! I'm in love with WAH nails and I'm desperate to get my nails WAHed!!!!
Oh and i also have a ridiculously large amount of nail art pens!

I've been working De Stijl nails which i have renamed London nails just to remind me of yesterday!
That's all for now folks remember to subscribe and leave me a comment telling me what nail stuff you love!
Have a great week
Much love
Outfit of the day
Top-River island sale-£12
Jeans-Primark super skinny-Unknown
Song of the day
Salvation-Gabrielle Aplin

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  1. Ahh you went to London! I'm so jealous :') I've been once before and me and my friends are going with our school in March! It's only for a few days but I'm so excited because we're going to see Wicked and Matilda on the West End and we're gonna go on the London Eye which I didn't get to go on the first time! I really want to live there, shame it's so expensive.
    Amazing post <3 I love nail polish but I hate my nails! Therefore I don't really do any nail art :( Also I'm just really impatient!
    I love Topshop nail polishes too, they're so pretty x


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