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finally went shopping YAY YAY YAY it had been too long, far to say i was overexcited! Shopping centres are my playground, I'm a huge shopaholic! SO i thought it only far to show you what i bought, which wasn't much but i really want to share the things i got with you as i love them!

here we go!

Little Haul!

Super Cosy Tights-Primark-£3.50
Everyone at school, bloggers and beauty youtubers seem to love these tights! especially Zoella! So i finally got myself a pair to see what the fuss is all about. They look really cosy with the fleece inside, I'm so excited to try them cause they are really thick and warm but look like normal tights! they are so perfect right now as it has decided to snow like loads, so hopefully these new tights will keep my legs nice and warm!

Triangle Necklace-Miss Selfridge-£5
I love the colours of this necklace and i thought it would look really pretty under the collar of a shirt or a dress. I love that colour metal, that bronze/rose gold colour is just my favourite colour ever! I don't often buy necklaces but i fell in love with this one and it is a bit different for me but i liked that! BUT THE BEST PART! it was £5 in the sale which i thought was reasonable for a necklace, but then i look at how much it was... £16.50! bargain or what?! love sales!

Thousand Kisses Lip Tint + Balm-Rimmel-£4.99 (i think)
I know i said i was doing to get the Revlon Just bitten lip stain but when i tried it on my hand i didn't like how glossy is was and the colour wasn't deep enough for me. So I tried the rimmel lip tint which i had seen before and i love it. The colour is this beautiful deep pink and it lasts ages! Also the lip tint itself isn't glossy, it is a very matte colour, but it comes with a balm that has tiny glitter pigments in for if you want it glossy for going out! It smells amazing as well and i love how it applies. I really recommend this for anyone looking for a lip tint/stain as it really is good and worth the money!

Star Purchase-
Denim Pinafore Dress-Topshop-£38
I wouldn't normally spend that much on one item but I've been wanting a pinafore for a while now and it was one of those item that when you try on you go "OMG i need it." Both me and my friend fell in love with the colour, shape and feel of it. It is really big and baggy so it will go over everything, shirts, jumpers, everything! And the denim is really good and thick so it will last ages and won't rip. I just love everything about it and it is definitely a new favourite outfit, i wore it today with my next blouse underneath and i really liked it as an outfit! love love love love love love love!

Next Time I Will Buy
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat-£4.59-I looked everywhere for this but neither boots nor superdrug had it in stock! I've seen so many pictures of people using it over black nail varnish and it looks amazing. I'm not a big fan of really shiny glossy nails especially over nail art for i think this could be really good!

I also went to lush and bought my sister a tea tree spray and got myself the Lush Times, fair to say i have circled quite a few things and added them to my shopping list!

Leave me a comment telling me what you bought lately or what you plan on buying!

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Have a great week!
Much love

PS. I promise to do a room tour next week and i think i might change my blog layout a bit so watch this space!

Outfit Of The Day
Topshop pinafore-see above

Song of the day
Pomeii (acoustic)- Bastille

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