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so! we survived the end of the world, yay! I'll admit, i was one of those people that was really, honestly scared. I was sat in RS counting down the minutes until my "death" while half watching Mississippi burning. EXCITING TIMES! but then nothing happened and i went to English as though the Apocalypse had been cancelled.

         3 days till Christmas, tree up? present wrapped? good. My main problem with the Christmas holidays is that i get far to bored, i just don't know how to fill my time so normally go a little insane and end up spending abnormal amounts of time eating and scrolling through my facebook news feed. BUT NOT THIS YEAR!

Ways To Stay Sane During The Holidays!

1)Do what you need to do first!
Chances are you have homework/studying/present wrapping/decision making/etc to get down (for me it's art homework), and chances are you are procrastinating or saying "I'll do it after Christmas!" no! If you just get it done you can relax and your after-Christmas downer wont be as bad because you wont have to do loads of work and jobs. So just get your head down, put some Christmas music on to make it more enjoyable and you will be done soon. then the fun can begin!

2)Don't suffer from Christmas list regret!
Wish you had added a pair of Cath Kidston socks to your list? don't worry! Make an after Christmas shopping list and organise a new year shopping trip with your friends. This gives you a chance to buy the presents you wanted but didn't get or forgot to put on your list, as well as spending some of that Christmas money that has been burning away your pocket!

3)Bath Time!

Every girl needs a luxurious bath every now and then because we all know that baths>showers. So take some time out, run yourself a bath, pour loads of bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, everything you've got into the tub, slap on some music, grad a fashion magazine and relax! Who cares how long you take, just soak in the bath until your fingers look like raisins, you deserve it!

TOP TIP-put your PJ's on the radiator while you soak, then they are toasty warm when you get out!

4)Have a girly night!
Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself. So grad yourself some food to feed your sweet tooth, put on your cutest PJ's, put on some Taylor Swift, use your best moisturiser, do your nails, re-read this months company magazine. Then snuggle in bed with a hot chocolate and a girly film. My favourites are;
  • Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging
  • Clueless (the classic.)
  • Legally blonde
  • Miss congeniality
You could also invite your best friends round to join in the girliness!

5)Don't over sleep!
We all love a lie in but sometimes waking up late can make you feel more tired than waking up earlier. Also, more sleeping time=less day time that you could fill doing other things on this list or general exciting things. So wake up at like 9am to maximise daytime and keep you feeling awake and happy.

6)Make yourself a play list!
Life is too short to keep pressing skip so make yourself a play list with a good balance between Christmas songs, all time favourites and new loves. Or if you're a bit of a Grinch like me and aren't feeling very festive listen to half-christmassy Christmas songs like
7)Don't just lounge around in PJ's!
Staying in your pyjamas will just make you be lazy all day and sit around watching Made In Chelsea! But don't go full out-Don't bother with makeup and keep outfits comfy and warm. Over sized jumpers, woolly socks, leggings and jeggings will be your best friends! Also, get yourself a huge knitted cardigan, a simple shirt, and a pair of leggings/jeggings. now you have a warm, comfy outfit perfect for lounging around the house in, slap on a pair of Chelsea boots and you're ready to go shopping. easy, simple, done!

8)Get excited!
Sure Christmas might not be as magical and exciting, but you are still getting a day filled with presents, food, family and Christmas specials on TV! It only comes once a year so you might as well make the most of it and watch as many Christmas films as you can before it's over.

9)Never have bare nails!
Even if it a simple one colour coats or a french manicure. Colourful nails will just brighten up your day and make people say "ooo i love your nails" when you hand them a present! Go for christmassy colours like red or if you're feeling adventurous get yourself some nail pens and try a pattern like snowflakes or candy canes. I'm in love with Nancy Loves Nails Christmas wheel, so festive and adorable! my favourites are the john Lewis snowman nails, cutest. thing. ever. If you haven't read my article on Nancy Loves Nails HERE is a link and you should go over to her facebook page, and instagram. This teenage girl has INSANE nail talent and an eye for cute, vintage designs! Major nail inspiration.

10)Read for pleasure as well as purpose!
If you're a GCSE student chances are you have a book/play/essay to read. In my case i have to read Macbeth for the first week back and have read "to kill a mockingbird" quite a few times before my exam. Oh the joy. So read something for pleasure as well, i recommend reading something you've read before so you don't get your plots mixed up (you don't want to have Macbeth falling in love with Boo Radley, not a good couple!)

With no school/work now is the perfect time to try new things with your hair and makeup! So experiment with different styles, products, colours. Try that youtube tutorial you've been wanting to do for ages, use that lipstick, you could even dye your hair (if you're feeling brave!) My favourite beauty youtubers are;
  • Fleur De Force-I love her new 50s inspired festive makeup tutorial and her "get ready with me" videos. She also writes really good reviews on her blog, BONUS!
  • Sprinkle of glitter-I love her hair bow tutorial, and baby glitter is adorable!
  • Zoella-She does the best hauls and has amaaaazing hair!
  • Tanya Burr-Just all around makeup goodness!
12)Make yourself an alter ego or steal someone Else's!
Dressing up as the person you want to be or your favourite celebrity is so fun! Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Marina has Electra Heart and Lady Gaga has...a man... I love Marina and the diamonds so so so so so much and especially love her Electra Heart look! I wrote a how to blog on how to get a marina and the diamonds makeup look toned down enough for school, you can read that HERE, but i also love Riannstars Marina and the diamonds Halloween tutorial! Basically i love anything to do with lots of mascara and a tiny little love heart on my cheek! So find your own alter ego, mine is definitely Electra Heart. Leave me a comment who yours is!

13)Organise things for after Christmas!
We all know that feeling on boxing day evening, that "well that it for another year" feeling. So plan things with your best friends from after Christmas! Hit up all the sales and spend some of your Christmas money, organise a new years eve party, or even just sit around and eat all the Christmas chocolate! Anything to stop the after-Christmas downer!

14)Stay fresh faced!
Christmas=lots of family photos! So enjoy pigging out on all the Christmas treats but don't neglect your skin. Splash your face with cold water every morning to minimise pours, use spot cream on any break out morning and night, use moisturiser but not too much! But the best option, a face mask! I like to have a bath, then put on my Lush "mask of magnaminty" face mask! I love it so much and it has really improved my skin. It has an amazing peppermint smell and it bright green so you can have a great time pretending to be one of shreks children! It comes in quite a big pot and it lasts ages! I use it on Fridays and Sundays and sometimes during the week if i have a breakout, My mum and sister also use it and after about a month we are only just half way through! It is really easy to apply and has small particles in so when you put it on and wash it off it exfoliates your skin. Perfection and only £4.95, i recommend!

15)Have fun!
Just enjoy yourself! How often do you get to dress up and open loads of presents?! so have fun!

That's all for now folk, remember to go to my other pages, subscribe and all those things so you never miss a word!

Have a great day!
much love

PS-Seen as i have no school I'm going to try and blog daily except on Christmas and boxing day! yaay

Outfit Of The Week
Jeggings-really old battered Primark ones!

Blouse-Next sale in summer-£15 my favourite things ever! Got these cute material flowers on the front and the lace around the collars makes it perfect for under a jumper!

Cardigan-Primark-£12 love the colour!

 Song Of The Week
Alloway Grove-Paolo Nutini

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