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Merry Christmas eve eve guys! Sat around listening to the Taylor swift's Christmas album this morning and got myself in the christmassy mood! BUT i think the older you get the less exciting Christmas gets and the more exciting Christmas/new years parties get.
          As a dedicated fashion addict my favourite part of a party is choosing my outfit and getting ready! sad i know but i LOVE IT! The best thing in the world is going shopping knowing that you have an excuse to splash out on a new dress, heaven.

         But we all know that it is so easy to buy the wrong dress; one that sits in your wardrobe after being wore once. NOT  a good investment!
            So here are my top tips for buying the perfect dress for party season.

How to buy the perfect dress!

1)Don't go out with an ideal dress in mind!
Sure, you might have seen Alexa Chung wear a beautiful dress but don't leave the house thinking "i want a baby pink midi body con dress with a lace collar and cuffs!" This will never happen! You will end up seeing loads of other nice dresses and just rejecting them because they don't match your ideal description. So go shopping with an open mind and just try on anything that catches your eye, even if it is a bit different and daring for you. There is no harm in trying it on!

2)Know yourself!
You shouldn't go out with an ideal dress in mind, but you should know what does and doesn't suit you. We have to face that some colours just don't suit some people! I have to wear bright colours because I'm pale and have light hair, you might be the opposite. So you need to know what colours, shapes and styles suit you and your body shape! But you also need to feel confident in the dress you wear, so make sure you are happy before you buy!

3)Think before you buy!
Before you buy you need to think of 3 thinks;What,When,How.

  • "What will i wear with it?"-You don't want to buy a dress only to find that you don't have shoes/accessories to match! You need to consider the whole outfit from head to toe. Think about every little detail including nail varnish, makeup, hair style! THINK!
  • "When will i wear it again?"-You need to consider the formality of the dress, could you wear it to a meal out with friends or is it strictly party only? Is it just a "15 minutes of fame" trend or is it a timeless classic that will always be in style like a LBD or a red dress? Will it still fit in a couple months? Be strict on yourself and if it will just end up sat in your wardrobe, keep looking!
  • "How much is it?"-Price isn't just the amount on the label. You need to think about the value of the dress and if it is worth the money. Take into account the length, tightness and also how good the material-If it will be ripped and stretched in a night it is not worth your money! Weigh up the pros and cons of the dress and it's value instead of just seeing if you can afford it's label value.
4)Shop around!
We have our old, reliable friends; Topshop, River Island, H&M, New Look, even primark! And we have our online friends; ASOS and BooHoo. But if you only ever look there you will miss out on the one-off gems hidden away on clothing racks in charity shops and cute little vintage stores! Also remake dresses are often really reasonable priced for one-off pieces and vintage never goes out of style! You could easily come across a £10 vintage dress in a charity shop-Proved by Gabrielle Aplin who looks B-E-A-utiful in her vintage find!- that would be prettier, cheaper and more exclusive than anything in Topshop. It will also decrease the chance of having an awkward dress twin at the party!
       Some of my favourite vintage shops include-
  • Vintage Vogue in Middlesbrough-The cutest little shop hidden away above a barbers shop. Sells the cutest rings and jewellery as well as beautiful vintage blouses, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, bags, shoes, scarfs, coats. But then you head over to the Vogue corner to find millions of tie dye t-shirts, Levi shorts, old band t-shirts and much much much more! I've recently fallen in love with their cute little finds to give your bedroom a little vintage spark including photo frames, coat hooks and loads of little bits and pieces. The whole store has a great atmosphere like a little hidden treasure. You can find them on facebook HERE, online HERE and on instagram.

  • Purple Haze in York-I'm in love with this shop! From it's book wallpaper to it's narnia-esk changing rooms the whole shops screams "cute, vintage!" at you. It sells everything from cosy fair isle jumpers to flowy skirts and remake dresses. With loads of dresses you could EASILY find the perfect party dress here. You can complete your outfit with some of their gorgeous jewellery, bags, scarfs, anything you need!The shop is so cosy and cute you want to stay in it all day and just buy everything, it even stores things in vintage suitcases! Super cute and well worth a visit! find them on facebook HERE!

  • Cow Vintage-With stores in Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield you may have a store near you but if not NEVER FEAR! Cow vintage has a massive online shop selling absolutely everything you could ever want! from Christmas knitwear, coats, dresses, play suits, t-shirts, shoes, and remake items. I especially love the knitwear, so cute. They have so much variety it would be hard to not find a dress! Find them online HERE!
5)Think about who you want to be!
Cute, confident, bubbly, grown up, what impression do you want to make? Take inspiration from style icons with a personality that radiates through their clothes-Marina and the diamonds, Florence Welch, Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, loads of celebrities show their personality through their clothes and dress to suit the person they want to be! So choose an alter ego for the night and choose a dress that reflects who you are and who you want to be! cute and innocent in a baby pink floaty dress? confident and proud in a black body con dress with bright red lips? Who do you want to be remembered as?

6)Remember the little details and don't be overcrowded!

You need to think about how you are going to make your face and hair match your dress. If the dress has a detailed back you want it on show, so have your hair up in a messy bun, high pony tale, or have a go at a bow bun (Sprinkle of glitter's you tube tutorial is the best!). If your dress is very patterned or has a very stand-out material or colour you don't want to overcrowd it, so minimise jewellery and keep accessories simple so you don't take away attention from your perfect, new dress. Remember makeup, choose a lipstick to fit the theme-cute and girly? choose a nude or a Rosy pink. Statement and bold? Apply a bright red or pink lipstick straight from the bullet. Plain, matte dress? Put a layer of gloss over the top of your lipstick to add a little sparkle.

7)Go with your gut feeling!
The most important thing your dress has to do isn't look perfect on you, shape your curves properly or make your waist look skinnier. I has to make you feel confident and amazing! If you don't feel WOW in the dress it isn't the one for you and there is a much better one waiting to be found! If you feel amazing but the price is a little too high, treat yourself but make sure you wear it again! The most important thing is that you feel good in it and have fun. Because you if radiate confidence people with feel it and you will be showered with those words every girl loves to hear "you look amazing!".

SO! I hope my tips have help you find your perfect dress and feel amazing in it!

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have a good day!
much love,

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Collar-Vintage Vogue-£8

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