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So! One of the many lovely things i got for Christmas was the WAH nails book of nail art as i absolutely adore doing my nails and have a HUGE obsession with nail art. And today i was flipping through the book when i came across the "POW" comic book nails and fell in love. So i did them!

        But as i was applying the top coat i realised that a couple of months ago i would never in a million years have liked that design, i would've been too worried that someone wouldn't like them.
        Over the last couple of months, since I've had my blog, I've become a lot more confident and a lot more daring with my fashion/beauty choices. I just stuck to the same makeup routine, wore the same type of clothes, never experimented or tried new styles. Just stuck in this box of who i thought i should be. But now i feel like I've escaped!

        Last year to one of my friends birthday parties i wore red lipstick and it really didn't suit me. Since then I've been really scared to try it again so i just stuck to pink/nude lipstick. But then this past month I've become a lot braver and started wearing a dark plum colour. It wasn't until yesterday that i wore red lipstick for the first time since that party, and i just felt amazing. Really confident and happy.

       I honestly think since i started my blog and started reading more fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs I've become a lot more adventurous buying things i normally wouldn't like my tight red velvet dress, which was totally different for me but i love! I've started worrying less about what other people will think and just going for what i like. Trusting my own instinct, Looking for inspiration in different and strange places, Trying different products. Just becoming a lot more open to all these different aspects of fashion and beauty!

     I think statements are important. I'm quite a shy person, i don't like interacting with new people and get very nervous around people. And lately I've started using my outfits to kind of get across who i am. I like to wear dresses because I'm really girly and i like to have bold nails because it is a way to just get across a message. I think fashion and beauty are two of the best ways to show who you are, present a side of yourself you want others to see.

    I just love this whole fashion/beauty world I've entered and just wanted to thank all of you. My blog is literally my baby, it is just a place where i can do and share what i love and getting comments saying that you love my blog is just the best and makes my day.
    Beauty and fashion are the two easiest ways to make a statement. Red lips, Smokey eyes, chunky jewellery, bright nails, wild hair, even your shoes can be a statement of who you are and who you want to be! You don't even need an amazing outfit, just that one statement can make people go "wow." something that really stands out from the crowd. I love walking past people in town and seeing all the outfits. I play a game where i imagine who they are and make up a story for them, all based on their statement. You should try it sometime, it's fun.

  I really love who my blog lets me be, and how much more confident it has made me. So i thank you all for that and i encourage all of you too try that thing you've been scared of for a while, you will feel great after ward!

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have a good day
much love

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Top-New look-last years
Jeans-Primark super skinny-unknown
Lipstick-Miss Sporty in 055 dream(smells like watermelon!)-£2.59

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