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By Lucy Harbron - 17:48


Hello there!

This week a did a little DIY, no i didn't build a shed or a bird house but i did make a cute collar necklace! And it got me thinking, what happened to make-do and mend?

         I will admit I'm totally useless with a sewing machine or thread or ironing or most household job (i will be the worst mother and wife ever!) So if something is broken it's either thrown out or i beg my mum to fix it! If i go to my Grandma's house and i have a hole in my sock she will tell me to sew it up, but when i get home i will throw the pair out. If i grow out of something it's thrown out, i don't think "hmmm what can i do with this?", I don't think I've ever finished any form of makeup, i just replace them before the end, and we all do this; losing pens before they end! the classic!

       But in the war people would just mend everything, grow their own food, make their own dresses and share things with their neighbours.Nothing was just thrown out it was either fixed or passed on to someone else!
       So while a war was going on, people still shared when it would of been so easy to keep everything and be selfish. Maybe this contributed to the community spirit they had back then? Nowadays you can live next-door to someone for years and never know their name, see someone everyday and never say hello, not help each other out and just keep totally separate from everyone else! Whereas back then they would help each other out, in the middle of a war!

      Maybe we have all become to materialistic? obsessed with what we have and want. Never sharing things or swapping or mending. Buying new things every weekend while other items hang neglected in our wardrobes (i do this so much, sorry clothes!). Throwing out old things that could be re-used and changed to look great! Maybe we take to much for granted? Back then they were rationed on everything, so must have been much more thankful for what they had and were given. Now we complain about lack of pocket money and having nothing to wear even though we own 1000000 items of clothes (again, i do this as well!).

    So i will make you a promise lovely reader!
I, Lucy, promise to not throw something away unless totally necessary, and try and change old items to become wearable again!

I'd love to hear what things you do to make old items look great! leave me a little comment on ideas and past projects!

Anyways-Here is instructions on how to make my cute collar necklace, let me know how yours turns out and show me how you wear yours!

DIY- shirt collar necklace!
You will need-

  • An old shirt!
  • Some sharp scissors!
  • A outfit that needs a little added cuteness!
What to do-
  1. Get your old shirt and lay it out so you can see the hem underneath the collar!
  2. Take your scissors and cut under the hem keeping as close as possible without going over it!
  3. Go all the way along until the whole collar is cut off!
  4. Now take the collar, put it round your neck and do up the top button!
TAA DAAA! you now have a cute shirt collar necklace! perfect for with jumpers, t-shirts and dresses!

I recommend it with plain blue skinny jeans and a red knitted jumper!
You could also do this with a patterned old shirt, see if any male relatives have an old one, the brighter the better!


That's all for now folks!
Have a great week!

Much love

Outfit of the week
Dress-H&M- not sure how much sorry!
Jumper-H&M-£8 (i think!)
tights-plain woolly ones-M&S

Song of the week
Video games-Ben Howard for SBTV (originally by Lana Del Rey)

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