Beat the back to school blues...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:52


Summer is nearly over, I can see the day looming, it's time to go back to school UGH. Here's some tips to help you beat that back to school blues that always ruins the last week!

1) Plan plan plan
So in the last week or so you can take one of two paths- You can sit indoors and cry over school, or you can grab your friends and do as much as you can before summer finally ends! End of summer party is a good idea so WHY NOT!
2) Remember that homework...
Oh yeah remember that homework you tried to forget about? Just get it done, it means you'll have less stress and a free weekend before you return.
3) Prepare
What do you need for school? New bag? new skirt? Here's some of my faves...
(Cant handle how cute that scrunchie is)
4) concentrate
I know for me sometimes I struggle with my skin in holidays as I just eat rubbish (and I love it) so the last week is the time to really concentrate on your skin and clearing it up! My previous post was all about skin care so take a look there for my skincare routine!
5) rehearse
Loads of my friends do wake up rehearsals so the waking up ridiculously early on the first day back isn't such a shock, im an early bird so i don't need that woo! BUT I rehearse my first day back makeup/hair and pick inspiration for my beauty "look" (its sad but I love dis stuff!)
This summer I have mastered eyeliner, IT'S OFFICIAL. so this year im defos challenging the "Louise Thompson" look with thin, slightly winged out eyeliner! YAY (I just love made in Chelsea)
I prefer to practise and perfect my back to school look as I think it just gives me a confidence boost as first day of term can be quite nerve racking!

6) Accept it
Sure its the end of summer, but its not the end of the world! So don't cry over it when so so so much is to come! Hundreds more days of all different kinds so look forward to things to come instead of being down about summer ending!

I hope you all have a good first day back at school/uni/work whatever!

That's all for now folks sorry for hardly posting, im lazy!
Have a lovely lovely day!

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