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By Lucy Harbron - 21:32


Im so sorry it's been a while since my last post but im back and ready for action!

I realised I have a couple of hairstyles that I always just change between, so why not share them?!

As a lazy school student I can assure you that none of these hair styles require any effort and take like 10 mins tops?! I also have ridiculously thin, straight hair so I aint gotta bother with any of that blow drying, straightening business, i just dive straight in!
             For each hair style I'll tell you how I do it and what condition my hair is in etc.!
The natural
On days when i've totally given up or if my hair is nice and shiny I just leave it be and try and channel some delevingne vibes! This is best to do on first day hair as it just falls a bit nice and is more shiiiny!

The lazy ponytail
 I normally do this hair style when my hair is too dull to do anything with or if it is really really hot as it just keeps it all off my face! To start I use a texturizing spray to give my hair some volume and also make it a bit messier. Then I tip my hair upside down and tie a pony tail right on the top of my head, then look up and just use my hand to make it a bit looser and messier. AND DONE!

The "i don't even care"
I call this the i don't even care because i literally do nothing! I dry my hair in my usual middle parting, the flip a bit of my hair over as this give my side parting more volume and shape. Then I either tuck it behind my ear and mess it up OR just mess it up with my hands and go! AND DONE!
Messy ends
If I feel like my hair is boring this is my go to style. I use dry my hair then spray the ends with heat protection spray, grab my straightners and just mess up the ends by making parts wavy or curly. AND DONE!
The "Sophie ellson"
I want a fringe that i can part in the middle but im so afraid! And then the new series of Britain and Ireland's next top model (OBSESSED) comes along and introduces me to Sophie ellson. GIRL CRUSH!  I WANT TO BE HER! So instead of going for the cut I loosely pin each side of my hair up and pull the bits forward towards the middle of my forehead in an attempt to look like her! PLEASE comment if you want BINTM and if you think I should of shouldn't go for the cut! 
The headband
Im in looove with my new headband from pretty twisted! I use my straighteners to make my hair slightly wavy then place the headband onto my hair with a bit of hair in front and loosely pin the bits up to give my hair some volume. AND DONE!
And that's basically it! I sometimes try my hand at a messy bun but that rarely works (im such a fail guys!)
That's all for now folks but I wanna share my outfit at the moment with you! The playsuit was £5 from primark last year and i loooove the colours!

Have a lovely lovely day!

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  1. You should definitely get a fringe - you'd suit it!
    I got one last year but I've completely grown it out because I don't think I suited it... although now I want it back! I think that's just me wanted what I don't have cause I recently got my hair chopped short and now I really want my long hair back!
    Anywayyyy amazing post and I love all the hairstyles especially the 'I don't even care'!
    Niamh xx

    p.s i love paramore's new album (:


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