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By Lucy Harbron - 20:10


Yesterday i went to london with my fabulous english class to see "to kill a mockingbird" in the regents park open air theatre! I love love love london but when it rains so much the play has to stop half way through not so great but i still love the city, just walking through the streets made me so happy and the clothes, OH MY i love u london!
But anyways im sorry for lack of decent posts but i've been so busy lately! But here HAVE AN OOTD!

OOTD- Day Trip
So i'll admit, two days before the trip i had a little panic cause i didn't have anything to wear. So i got in the car and made a bee line straight to topshop which my purse didnt thank me for but you know #YOLO! (Oh wow)

Joni jeans-Topshop-£36
Necklace-Miss selfrige-£5

I've had my eye on joni jeans for a while but always put off buying them as i tend to find jeans really uncomfortable especially high waisted ones. but OH MY GOD. they feel like a hug, they are so comfy. honestly, yesterday i did 2 four hour train journeys, walked all round london, sat in the rain and i was still so comfortable!

Shoes are my main worry on days out as i want them to look nice but not make me feel like my feet are going to fall off! The white flatforms from topshop always catch my eye but i thought they werent special enough to spend £24 on! So when my mama came home with these £7 primark copies i was like "yeah take that topshop!" and they are suprisingly comfy, again walking round london all day was fine as the flatform provides some padding unlike most primark shoes which have the most pathetic soles ever! Love them!

Thats all for now folks and remember 10% off at pretty twisted with the code "lucyluce" so get buying!
Have a lovely lovely day!
My song of the day is Arcadia by Mhairi Mcdonald link HERE (idk why it wont come up as a video)
Some of you might not know that i want to be a writer, but i do and i wrote a poem based on the song and im really proud of it so i thought why not share?!

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