Welcoming May...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:27


Been a while man (STUPID EXAMS UGH) And i know i haven't done an April haul nut i dint really buy much and i don't really want to do a birthday haul as it just feels weird, but I'm sure you will see what i got/bought over time!

April Summary

  • posh Spring party
  • My birthday party
  • My birthday
  • Exams (UGH UGH UGH UGH)
April Goal Review
  • Be more adventurous with clothes- [] erm...
  • Read at least 1 book- [X] YES! I've read to kill a mocking bird, perks of being a wallflower (again), and I've nearly finished looking for Alaska
1/2...meh LOL
May Goals
  • Don't waste my birthday money, invest don't waste!- I only want to buy special, gifts to myself with my birthday money
  • Try and be more social-This month i actually want to go outside.
  • Keep healthy, try and exercise-Lol so going to fail dis one ahahahahah
May Wishlist
MUA Undress me too palette-£4- I've read so many good reviews of this palette, saying that for £4 it is the best dupe of the urban decay naked palette which I've been longing for for months now! So why not?!

Topshop face sculpting palette in kick start-£12.50-I just think this is so clever! Blush, bronzer and highlighter all together in a compact palette, GENIUS! Also i really need a new bronzer and highlighter and i love topshop cream blushes so much.
"kaftan" H&M-£19.99-I just love this so much, the lace detail on the sleeves is beautiful! I think it would look lovely over jeans, or my topshop skater skirt!
New flower crown from Flower Crown Society-I'm really excited for their etsy shop to open as some of their floral headbands/crowns are so beautiful, and I'm so addicted! Find thier facebook HERE

Exciting things in may-
  • end of exams...
That's literally it.... dang.
Leave me a comment telling me your plans for may! And I'm really sorry all my posts have been a bit meh recently, stoopid exams and school ugh but i will be back in all my glory very soon! YAY
That's all for now folks
have a lovely lovely day!

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  1. such a cute post! good luck in your exams!
    thinking-like-a-doll.blogspot.com xx

  2. Have you got a new camera yet!? xx


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