OOTD ~ A little bit of sun...

By Lucy Harbron - 17:49


ENGLAND IS SUNNY! (well it was, it has rained all day today, but lets just pretend!) But i made the most of the sun by taking some outfit of the day photos then staying in all day to watch episodes of made in Chelsea!

But onto the point, here is what I've been wear to death lately!
dress-Urban Outfitters
 I really really love this dress, not just because it was a birthday present off my lovely family, but because i love the way it fits! I like dresses that are slightly baggy and slouchy around the waist but still have a lovely shape. Also the pattern is just beautiful!

My shoes i just bought for a party as i wanted some plain simple black flatform wedges so these £10 primark ones were perfect! I actually really love them and they are surprisingly comfy, lets just say you can run round a housing estate at night wearing them and be totally comfortable and not fall over or twist your ankle! so what more could you want?!

On my nails I've had Miss sporty's metal flip polish in the sliver/blue/purple/green/everything colour! I'm super OCD with matching my nails to my outfit which always puts me off painting them, but i love metallic polishes as it takes the pressure off a little bit as the colours change so aren't as block! These miss sporty polishes were only £1.99 and i now have 2 as they apply really nicely, don't chip and the brush is really wide so i cant paint my nails quickly! I defos recommend them!

I recent bought some new sunglasses as i thought i like them and they are only £1 so why not! I'm not really sure if they suit me though yet, but i still think they are so cute! Primark have some really nice sunnies at the mo!

So that's what I've been wearing, what about you?! Either comment what outfit you've been wearing to death or send me a link to your blog post!

That's all for now folks,
have a lovely day!

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  1. Such a cute outfit! I actually like everything on your blog, it's super nice! :)

  2. does primark still sell theseshoes? x


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