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3 days late for this post oops, but i have LOADS of exams coming up after Easter so I've been studying (WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE?!) 


March Summary

That's basically it, i live a reeeaally boring life!

March Goal Review
  • Learn to apply eyeliner [X] HURRRRAAAAYYYYYYYY!
  • Be more creative [] erm...
  • Step out of my comfort zone [] erm...

April Goals
  • Be more adventurous with clothes-I always buy/wear the same sort of things-skirts, dresses, pinafores, all very girly and cute. But i want to be more daring and wear outfits a bit outside my comfort zone!
  • Read at least 1 book-If you're a regular reader you will know i want to be a writer, so i should probably read more books!
April/Birthday wish list!
It's my birthday on the 25th so I'm going to include my birthday wishes in this list!

Fujifilm S2980 14MP Bridge Camera-£79.99- My camera recently broke and i love this camera!

Casio Black Face Watch-Urban Outfitters-£40- I'm so Picky when it comes to watches, but i absolutely adore these Casio watches! So simple yet always look sooo nice but a tad expensive!

Crown & Glory-"Not a lotta rosie" headband-£15- I love love LOVE floral crowns and headbands but all the ones I've found seem to all be HUGE and not socially acceptable, but then i stumbles across this little gem! I love everything about it, the colour, the leaves, the roses, PERFECT! please mummmmmy!
Brow and liner kit-The Body Shop-£10-I have an eyebrow obsession and I'm determined to get myself the perfect brows! So my lovely lovely lovely best friend Stells recommended body shop's brow kit, so why not! I like that it comes in a compact case, so i could throw it in my bag for days out or whateva!

Staring at Stars scarf print easy babydoll dress-Urban Outfitter-£35 on sale-A while back i went to UO with my mum to try on baby doll dresses so i knew which size i needed, i had never seen this design before but i fell in love with it! It falls so so so so nicely and omg i want it so much! It is just ideal for summer, and I'm winter with a cardi and tights!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover-Boots-£5- IT SOUNDS SO SO SO GOOD! you don't need to use a cotton pad and takes only a couple of seconds? I'M IN! 

Paperblanks old leather ultra notebook- WH Smith-£15.40- I know i know so expensive for a notebook, but I've literally wanted it my whole life, its so pretty and i want to be a writer, so notebooks are my life.


Real Techniques Core Collection- Boots-£21.99- Honestly have no idea why these brushes are so expensive, but everyone seems to really love them and its time i invest in some good brushes!
Rimmel Scandeleyes kohl liner in bright blue-Boots-£3.99- Blue eye liner is kind of taking over my life right now and these rimmel liners are surprisingly cheap for a good brand!
Essie nail polish in "kisses & bises"-£5 i think?- I'm loving shimmery iridescent, holographic nail varnishes at the moment! Another shout out to my bezzie stells, but her nails always look lush when she layers shimmery polishes over colour and I WANT IT! also i love the green tinge to this!
Twilight bath bomb-Lush-£3.30- I love a good bath and wow pictures of this bomb look amazing even though I'm normally disappointed so lets see!

Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy-£7.99- I'm a huge poetry nerd! I'm loving writing it and reading it at the moment and a couple of weeks ago i actually went to see carol Ann Duffy! It was on a school trip and I'd never heard of her before as i had just got into poetry, but wow! WOW! 
Where things come back by John Corey Whaley-£5.08- I've heard lots of good reviews of this book and I've just finished to kill a mockingbird so i need a new read!
Looking For Alaska by John Green-£5.99- The fault in our stars is my all time favourite book it is so perfect and i must have read it like 20 times now! So i think it's time i try a new john green book!
Exciting Things in April-
  • Birthday party! yaaaaay
  • 15th Birthday! yaaaaay
  • ...Exams... oh wait THAT'S NOT EXCITING!
Leave me a comment and tell me what things you want in April and what exciting things you have planned!
That's all for now folks!
Have a lovely lovely day!
PS. I really don't know why some parts are in bold and others aren't?!

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