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By Lucy Harbron - 20:32


My life at the moment is an ugly mix of revision, school, exams and homework (UGH) but also i got LOTS of sweets for my birthday so that makes life a little sweeter (see what i did there!? yeah i know I'm a comedic genius no need to tell me) BUT this weekend something super mega exciting happy, something I've been looking forward to for a while, something I've been wanting to tell you about but couldn't and now i can finally tell you! YAY

This weekend was the grand opening of...

If you're a regular reader or are my friend you will know that Vintage Vogue was one of my favourite shops! I've found so many little gems there-Rings, bracelets, things for my bedroom and not to mention my AMAZING giraffe t-shirt! So I'll admit when the owner Kayleigh told me they were going to close i was a tad sad, but then she told me what they were re-opening as...pretty twisted!
I've had the feeling recently that everywhere is selling the same retro, American, grunge vibe things. Everything i see seems to be dark colours, ripped jeans, tie dye etc etc. And I'm really girly so i felt like i couldn't find anything pretty and cute anywhere! Kayleigh obviously read my mind and opened up my dream shop.
She had told me all about her idea to open up a super girly, cute, pastel themed shop with pretty floral print things, jewellery, home ware, describing it as very cath kidston like. So on a scale of 1 to 10 my excitement was 100000000000000000000000! But when i actually went, the store is even better than i thought it would be!
It's painted all different pastel colours and looks just like an old fashion sweet shop and is just generally really light and pretty!

They are selling jewellery from another little company i love called "Janie's attic"! 

I actually love this wellies! As i stupidly chose to do geography as a GCSE i have to trek through forests and stuff (EW) 

Obviously my favourite bit in the whole shop is the floral headband section. I hope pretty twisted knows that they are now my go too to fill my floral addiction. Prepare.
Overall i just think pretty twisted is one of the cutest shops ever, and i really do think it will do so well! Such a refreshing shop so different to all the rest!
That's all for now folks you wont here much from me in the next 2 weeks as its exam time, SORRY!
Have a lovely day!

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  1. oml all the florals pastels and polka dots! those backpacks are actually so cute i want a shop like that near me haha! ! xx


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