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By Lucy Harbron - 19:47


Once again it's that time of the month where i tell you all the tuuuunes I've been listening to on repeat this month! HURRRRAY!

The Sea-Swim Deep-Just a plain simple good tune from a good band! 
Lady Percy-King Charles-I love king Charles so much and really don't understand why so little people have heard of him! His songs are so upbeat and catchy, and his facial hair is

Sappho-Tribes-I recently rediscovered my love for tribes and this song!
My Number-Foals-I just really like this song and this band!
Keep The Car Running-Arcade Fire-This song makes me want to direct a film and plan a whole scene around this song... dunno why?!
Fall At Your Feet-Saint Raymond-My boy Lewis Watson introduced me to saint Raymond (aka callum) when he supported Lewis on his tour earlier in the year, and Callum is now signed on my girl Gabrielle Aplin's label! PERFECT!

Permafrost-Zoe Holman-I'm always excited for a new dose of Zoe, her voice is flawless, her EP is perfect, and she deserves MEGA FAME! She is my new Gabrielle Aplin filling the void of Gabrielle's regular videos with her dreamy voice! It would also mean a lot if you could go and vote for Zoe to support Gabrielle in Edinburgh (Link HERE) as i can't think of a more deserving artist! Also Zoe hasn't uploaded this song to you tube yet so find it on sound cloud HERE
Diane Young-Vampire Weekend-Official summer song.
Act Nice and Gentle-The Black Keys-The black keys are another band i rediscovered after finding my HUGE collection of their songs on my extremely full ipod!
3AM-Kate Nash-This is my favourite song on her new album as i think it is the ultimate teenage girl anthem and so catchy!
Thinkin bout you-Frank Ocean-i was super addicted to this song, then got over it. but now BAM re-addicted all thanks to my bestest friend Estelle for giving me a beautiful painting of the lyrics for my birthday! And now frank ocean has took over my life again. I BLAME YOU ESTELLE!
Midnight City-M83-Yes, yes it is the made in Chelsea song.
Metaphors-Keaton Henson-You knew my one true love would be in here somewhere.
Get Lucky-Daughter (Daft Punk cover)-I actually really like this song, especially when it is covered by probably one of my all time fave bands!
Other Artists I've been loving-
  • Orla Gartland
  • Fidlar
  • Lauren Aquilina
I'm not having a OMG YOU NEEED TO HEAR THIS of the month as i haven't really been listening to anyone new, SORRRRRY! if you're a singer feel free to leave me a link below!
That's all for now folks lets me know what you've been listening to!
Have a lovely day!

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  1. is that zoe holman as in turbanoutfitters zoe?:D


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