My Current Obsessions #2...

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Its been a while since my last post due to a mix of revision, lack of ideas, and insane addiction to a TV show I'll mention in a minute!

So i thought i would do another "current obsessions" post mainly so i can rant about the things I'm loving at the moment! OK? YAY!

Pretty little liars
So i may or may not have watched like a full series in less than a week....ya know erm...! IT'S SO ADDICTIVE! I absolutely love this show, which i weird for me as i HATE anything scary but this show just keeps me hooked and has for 2 series now and THE END OF SERIES 2 IS LIKE AMAZING OMG! If you don't know what pretty little liars is about it is basically this big mystery about who killed this girl called Alison and Ali's four best friends are on a mission to find out who murdered their bestie and who A is that keeps sending them mysterious texts and basically knows all! The tension just builds and builds and then BAM SERIES 2 FINALE!!! I urge you all to watch it! Also all four girls have their different styles. But Spencer's geek chic/vintage vibes look is my favourite, so so cute!

Bold lips
This isn't exactly a new obsession but I'm still love the bold lips! This week I've rocked red, pink, ombre lips and plum lips! I think lipstick is just a really easy way to add a little extra too a look and i feel odd without it!

Graze box
I've been wanting one of these lovely boxes for a while and i recently got on of those 2 free boxes voucher (HURRAAAAY) so last week i pigged out on healthy snacks like "toffee apple" which i dried apple and toffee sauce LUSH and "Scandinavian forest" which was a mix of dried fruits and berries which included LINGONBERRIES OMG I'm a little bit addicted to that drink you get in ikea, so the prospect of eating ACTUAL REAL LIFE lingonberries made me too excited! yaaay!

The Beatles
I've always loved the Beatles but lately I've been loving them eeeevennn more! I have over 100 Beatles's songs on my phone and if I'm ever in doubt of what to listen to, i go straight there! Please please me is probably one of my fave albums everrrr"

I would call it my guilty pleasure but I'm not even guilty. I LOVE GLEE TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! it's basically the highlight of my week. I want to be Rachel berry cos new york and Kurt is the cutest! Finn and Rachel break my heart, Marley and Jake are the best omg I'M SO WEIRD BUT I LOVE IT! unique is my fave!

Floral Headbands
I've been after one of these for a while and finally made myself last week that I'm pretty proud of! Since then I've been stalking websites daily! My favourite places for these are-
But my fave has got to be vaudou! I only discovered this site recently but their headbands are beautiful y favourite being the burnt cream headband or the simple rose one! The prices are so good compared to others and they also sell some super cute jewellery so definitely check them out! I think i know the first place I'll be going with birthday money!

Super amazing indie/rock bands
I've always been a sucker for a good band but recently I've just become addicted! Some of my favourites are-
  • Swim deep
  • Palma Violets
  • Fidlar
  • Bastille (obvs)
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Dog is Dead
"that's different for you"
Recently I've been trying to broaden my fashion horizons and i think it is going well! I've bought quite a few things i wouldn't normally go for and I've been wearing jeans more, I KNOW RIGHT! I don't often wear jeans but lately i have! My favourite thing I've bought HAS  to be this super cute giraffe t-shirt which is really oversized and baggy and lovely from Vintage Vogue!

 So they're my obsessions ATM! Leave me a comment telling me yours!

School starts again tomorrow (BOOOOOOO) so posting will slow down rather a lot due to exams and poo! Also my birthday is coming up yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

That's all for now folks
Hope you're having a lovely day!


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