Playlist of the Month-March

By Lucy Harbron - 20:10


i know this is a couple of days early but I'm in a musical mood! March has gone too quick for my liking!

1)Anna (go to him)-The Beatles-I'm so totally in love/addicted/obsessed with the Beatles, i was born too late! Please Please me is the best album in the world! 
2)Oblivion-Bastille-I've been waiting so long for their album and i love this song as it is so different for them!
3) The Whole of Keaton Henson's New Album "Birthdays"-I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU KEATON. I think 10pm Gare Du Nord is my fave song ever.
4)Is this love-Bob Marley-This song tho, omg. (wow amazing writing skills Lucy)
5)It could be better-Lewis Watson (aka my future husband)-I saw Lewis Watson in the flesh on the 9th (ASDFGHJKDSDFHJGF STILL NOT OVER IT) and omg he is talented and beautiful and this song is emotional and just as stunning as him (he is beautiful!!!!)
6) No diggity/Thrift shop cover-Ed Sheeran & Passenger-Ed and passenger are two of the best acoustic singers so them together is heaven!
7)Bonfires-Saint Raymond-Saint Raymond (real name callum) was one of Lewis' support acts and he is amazing! Seriously so so so so so so so so glad i heard his voice omg.

8)Wake Up-Arcade Fire-BEST. ARCADE. FIRE. SONG. EVER.
9)Roslyn-Bon Iver & St. Vincent-I'm addicted to the twilight soundtracks and bon iver are just my life.
10)Weirdo-The Vaccines-I love this song so so so much, by far the best vaccines song yet!
11) Half A person- The Smiths-I love the smiths.
12)Always On My Mind-Keaton Henson-Not only is Keaton my one true love, but this song means so much to me and brings back some great memories
Other Artist Ive Been Loving This Month
  • Kimberly Anne
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Lianna La Havas
  • The strokes
  • Ben Howard
Basically all i listen to is Keaton Henson, OK.
OMG you neeed to hear this!
I talk about this babe of a girl way too much, but i feel like she deserves much much much much much more recognition! Zoe Holman (or Turbanoutfitters on instagram) is one of my favourite singer/songwriters! Her voice is so unique and beautiful and her songs are so emotive and just incredible! She recently release an EP on bandcamp called pages which YOU SHOULD ALL GO GET RIGHT NOW! But honestly i don't understand why zoe isn't mega mega famous with a voice as amazing as hers! So definitely go check her out right now!
That's all for now folks let me know what your fave songs were this month!
Have a lovely lovely day!

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