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By Lucy Harbron - 20:19


It is time for me to show you what I've bought over the course of the month! Due to last months INSANE haul, i really haven't bought much this month and it has all been going towards one outfit for a party so this months haul is relatively small but HEY HO HERE WE GO!

 Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm-Boots-£3.59
Recently I've been getting really dry lips (well i think I'm just paranoid about it but whateva) and I've read and heard lots of good reviews about this lip balm on you tube and blogs so i thought WHY NOT! The bees wax factor of this lip balm kind of creeps me out, so i chose the mango butter one and i still cant decide whether i like the smell/taste. BUT it really does a good job, it doesn't leave my lips feeling gooey and sticky but keeps them totally hydrated and is really good underneath lipsticks which is such a bonus for me! My only issue with is is that it doesn't last very long, i feel like i have to apply it routinely throughout the day to be able to feel the effect, but it is small enough to just throw into my bag for on the go! So if you are looking for a good lip balm, look no more!


 Vintage Floral Pot-Vintage Vogue-£5
Ever since i re-decorated my room I've been on the look out for little gems for my bedroom (nicknamed pastel place...yep) and while browsing the VV sale i came across this baby and instantly loved it! It is really simple, but the floral pattern on the lid is so pretty and it is really practical to hold hair clips/my watch/lip balm/random bits and bobs and only £5!
The comforter-Lush-£4.25
Here i go again, everyone is going to hate me. RIGHT i love baths and the idea of the comforter with its promise of a zillion bubbles was perfect, and it smells like berry heaven! BUT i was really disappointed! I don't know whether i crumbled it in too late in the bath running process, or what but i was so disappointed with the amount of bubbles. You are supposed to get 4 uses out of the bar and i used half in one go and was still disappointed (CRY) I plan on using the other half at some point this week and crumbling it in earlier, so I'll report back, but altogether it was a bit MEH. It has made by room smell so nice though!

White Play suit-Primark-£20
I went out to get a dress for a party and shocked everyone when i came back with a play suit! I'm so so so girly and wear dresses everyday, so this is a bit different for me, but i love it! The Almost glittery  material is really thick and good quality like all the new "limited edition" pieces seem to be in primark at the moment. I was annoyed that the women at the till rammed my new play suit into the smallest back ever, the ones they use for accessories and UGH i ranted to my friend for so long about that as it messed up the LUSH beaded collar! The collar has sequins and beads arranged to make a floral patter that really adds a lovely detail to the play suit and the collar is actually the thing that caught my eye (DUH). 
Black wedge heel shoes-Primark-£10

I've been wanting some wedge/flatform heels for a while now that i can wear both casually and for parties. In a dream world they wouldn't be sandals, but i really like these ones from primark as i just like the straps with the little gold buckle and they are actually really comfy! And a bargain! (I obv had to instagram a pic)

Maybelline 14hr Super stay Lipstick in "infinitely fuchsia-boots-£6.99
I really wanted a fuchsia/neon pink lipstick for spring/summer and this one is definitely my favourite! Reviews online are all really positive and it promises to be extremely long lasting! I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I'm going to wear it to the party and I'll do a review on it at some point next week!

(BTW the nail varnish I'm wearing is "hot in red" from H&M)
Grand Total-£49.83
Ain't too bad compared to last year and i did buy a full outfit (which i will do an OOTD post for!)
ALSO guys i got a hair cut! My hair was really damaged at the bottom, so i had quite a lot off the ends and i really like it! YAY big big big love to my hair dresser Angela who you can find HERE she did a really swell job and she is lovely!

That's all for now folks
Hope you have a lovely day and have a great Easter Sunday!

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  1. i have the comforter and it smells so nice! love the blog im a follower now xx


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