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By Lucy Harbron - 20:24


I've been talking about how i got some lush testers for a while now, so it is about time i do a little review, but then I'll keep you posted as how my skin is doing over the next months while i use them more! 


I think it is a good idea to try skin care products before you buy them because we've all had those times when you buy something and it just doesn't work at all! It's hard to get it right with skincare because depending on if your skin is oily, dry, break-out prone, or totally clear. Sometimes different product can make your skin way way way worse and sometimes better. So it is good to be able to try them out and see if they work for you before you buy them! Lush is great for this, you just have to ask!

I have five testers, four little pots and one face mask in a bigger pot. I got the little pots about 2 weeks ago now and use most of them daily and she are still pretty full so they last long enough to get a feel for the product, not just a one use and they are done, that would be sillllly!
     But anyway here are my thoughts on each one-
Vanishing cream- (£17.50 at full price, wowzas!)
I hadn't looked at how much it would be at full price before now, OMG! wowzas, that's pretty expensive for a moisturiser! Vanishing cream promises to vanish instantly and not linger around on your skin, which i liked the sound of as i HATE when moisturisers leave your skin feeling slimy and greasy, especially face cream eww! But this one did soak in really quick and did hydrate my skin. My problems with this product is that if i applied my makeup over the top it added a lot of weight to my skin and left my face feeling really cakey whereas normally when i use moisturisers before my makeup it helps my makeup go on and leave my skin hydrated. But in the evenings i liked how it made my skin feel nice and soft.
       Also it has quite a strong lavender/rose.floral scent which i didn't like on my face as it was really overpowering. I'm not keen on scented face creams as i just don't like how the scent just takes over and it is all you can smell, but you know! What ever floats your goat! (yep, goat.)

Dark Angels cleanser-(£6.25 at full price)

I got a tester of this out of pure curiosity. It is the strangest thing I've ever seen! It basically looks like mud, it is black and mudish! But it smells amazing really woody and lovely. you use it by putting a little bit onto your hand and massaging water into it, it then forms an exfoliating face wash that gives your face a really really really good scrub. i love this product because of how soft and amazing my skin felt after i used it, like i can't even describe how amazing it felt! The women in store said you shouldn't use this daily as exfoliating too much can make your skin produce more oil, but for a once a week cleanse i love this! It is really weird to use as it is jet black but it washes off so well and leave your face and hands smelling nice as well, i just love it!

Aqua Marina-(£6.25  at full price)

This cleanser is a lot softer on the skin and is more of a daily use product. Something about this product is so calming, the way it feels on your skin is so silky and soft it is so so lovely to use! If the dark angels cleanser scares you off this is definitely the one for you. It is a really pretty pink colour with little bits of sea weed in it. It comes in a really think paste and like the dark angels one you massage water into it. This cleaner doesn't exfoliate but it still left my skin feeling really clean and soft and lovely and happy! I think out of the two the dark angels left my skin softer but this is a lot nicer to use because i felt the dark angels may have been too rough on my skin whereas aqua marina feels so lovely. Out of the two i will probably purchase a large pot of aqua marina because i feel like it helped my skin and after a couple of uses i noticed a difference in how much less oily my skin was and how much more hydrated and soft it felt. Really recommend this if you're looking for a really simple cleanser because all other skin care brands such as clean and clear and simple all seem to put exfoliating particles in their cleansers, which isn' good for daily use! So this cleanser is perrrfect!

Grease Lightning-(£5.95 at full price)

How much did i like this product? Well lets just say i got the tester on Monday and on Thursday i bought the full pot. I liked it a lot! Before i discovered this spot treatment, i had been using the freederm gel, but i hate it! I mean i works and all but it really dries out your spots and just ewwy! No one wants that, whereas Lush's grease lightning is really hydrating and you can where it under makeup and it doesn't dry out and it's grrrreat! I definitely recommend this for all teenagers, ALL OF YOU!
Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Facemask-(£5.95 at full price)

This is one of lush's fresh face masks that you have to keep in the fridge. At first i was unsure about applying a cold mark as I'm a fan of the heat ones, but i loved it! The mask is really cooling and it added to how hydrated my skin felt after. They do a range of these masks including a chocolate one, but this one is specific for troubled skin so it has loads of good things in it like blueberries and rose. It applies really nicely and doesn't exfoliate so isn't harsh on your skin it is just nice and soft, but leaves your skin feeling really fresh and lovely! Loved it!
Vanishing cream-6 and a half/10-I don't like how strong the scent is and it is super expensive!
dark angels-8/10- I wish i could use it daily and it is a bit harsh but still a nice treat!
Aqua Marina- 10/10-LOVE!
Grease lightning-10/10-LOVE!
Catastrophe Cosmetic-9/10-I prefer my mask of magnaminty but still lovely!
All together i really liked all of my testers!
Let me know what your favourite lush products are!
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day
Much love
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  1. I have the Brazened Honey face mask from lush and I love it! But the scent is soo over powering and it's not particularly a nice smell...Thinking about getting the Grease Lightening! xxx


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