How to wear s/s13 trends if you're a scaredy cat...

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It has been a all still alive?...oh you were eaten by a bear?....awkward...

ANYWAYS! (I'm kinda weird i know LOL) I've been wanting to do this post for a while but then school was like lol no. So i couldn't, but now i can so i am! HURRAY!

ugh Lucy stop. SO this is my "how to wear spring/summer 13 trends if you're a scaredy cat" post, woo!

I hate it when you see a trend at all shows but you just can't find a way to make it socially acceptable or subtle enough to walk around town without getting comments, which ain't fun! SO i chose some of the trends I've been seeing everywhere and I've got some tips on how to make them work without going too extreme for if you're a wuss, LOL!

It may seem simple but head-to-toe monochrome can be scary and can make some skin tones look really pale and washed out!
  • Go for a dress or playsuit-This minimises the amount of items and wont be as "OMG SHE'S ONLY WEARING BLACK AND WHITE!"
  • Add some grey or swap white for cream-This will tone everything down and wont be as bold but still look as effective.
  • Add a splash of colour-Whether it be lipstick, nail varnish, shoes, a necklace WHATEVER! Add one bit of colour just to brighten it up a bit and make an even bigger statement (which is good and sassy and yay!)
Best shop for the look
Faithful topshop will be your best bet! Go to the we love section and you will find a page full of monochrome goodness to spend all your money on (don't actually, you need food and stuff as well!)

I think bold eyes is my fave trend to come out of LFW, Cara was rocking the look everywhere and all i want in life is some blue eyeliner, please. But i think going full out eye shadow is kinda scary and there is a fine line between amazing and childish (don't pretend like you didn't wear really bad eyeshadow as a child!)

  • Blend it out-A sudden stop of colour will make your eyes even bolder, so to tone it down use a nude shadow and blend the colour out gradually so it just fades away instead of stopping.
  • Keep it on the lid-A winged out eyeshadow look looks amazing but is super dramatic, so if you're nervous just keep it on the lid as it still looks really really pretty, especially in blue!
  • White Eyeliner-Meet your new best friend. Not only is white eyeliner really subtle and super pretty, but it makes you look awake and illuminates your eyes. BONUS! Just apply it like normal eyeliner but if you're feeling brave follow the shape of the inner corner of your eyes so added awakeness (is that a word? IT IS NOW!)
  • Go for subtle or pastel colours-If you don't want to dive straight into the world of bright colours, a cute pastel colour looks just as amazing. Pink is my favourite, painting your whole lid with a light pink then blending a fuchsia colour into the crease looks AMAZING but not too in your face!
Best Brand For the trend
Rimmel has you covered! Especially loving the look of those scandal eyes shadow sticks!
The boyish trend can look really cute, or can make your lovely figure disappear.
  • Make sure the fit is perfect-If the item (especially dungaree and pinafores) is too big it will be really unflattering as the tailoring wont fit properly so will hang weirdly and ew! So make sure everything fits really well!
  • Add a touch of girlyness-Adding a floral shirt underneath, or pretty pattern to your pinafore/dungarees will add a little girlyness and colour to the outfit and take away the tomboy looking leaving you with the perfect boyish look that still makes you look cute!
  • Go for a pinafore-If you don't fancy dungarees or a playsuit, a pinafore is your best friend! Still the same boyish tailoring but the dress shape will be a bit more girly. Unfitted pinafores are my favourite for this look!
Best shop for the trend
ASOS has got everything-Playsuits, pinafores, dungarees all in really pretty patterns and materials!

neon is probably the funnest but scariest trend! Bold, bright and in your face pretty!
  • Just choose one piece-If you leave your house in head to toe neon orange you will get some funny looks. But a neon jumper, or jeans, or shoes will really pop and make a statement. Also look fabby!
  • Quality over quantity-The good thing about neon is that you don't need a lot of it, just a splash is enough! A bold necklace, shoes, nails, lips will still stand out, you don't a full neon outfit to wear neon effectively. And come on, how amaze does my girl Cara look with that neon pink lipstick?!
Best shop/Brand for the trend
For clothing no particular shop is doing it well, H&M is popping a few good jumpers out, topshop has the best jewellery, but everywhere is getting a piece of the neon action!
For makeup there is only one choice.MAC. I think their pro longwear lipcreme has the best neon colours but all of their lipstick are beautiful!
So that's it! let me know what your fave s/s13 trend it!
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That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day!
Much love
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