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When i was about 7 i took cheer leading lessons, expecting cute outfits, pom poms and lots and lots of cheering! Basically i expected to jump into high school musical or suddenly become an American cheerleader! I soon quit after realising that jumping around and yelling wasn't all cheer leading included.
         But i still give them "snaps" for their fashion choices!

I've always had a slight obsession with America, as a child i put on a fake American accent, i adore Cher from clueless, and i would happily trade in my bleak British life for the American dream! I think cheerleaders just represent my love for America, i mean come on! Every girl has wanted to be a cheerleader at one point, jump around shaking pom poms and yelling things like "go team!" and "give me an L"
For me cheerleaders represent America. the colours, the attitude and the smiles just remind me of America! so why not dress like them!?

The key factor to achieving American cheerleader goodness is spirit and girliness! So think skirts, lipstick, team names, team colours. But also practicality, ease of movement, so no tight pencil skirts! Skater skirts and jumpers are a must if you want to jump around! I think the best colours for cheerleader chic are definitely red, white and blue. Bright, bold colours that scream pride and spirit, god save the queen and all that.

Think fresh-faced, simple makeup with Rosy cheeks. Keep the skin simple, and eye makeup minimal but add the colour with lipstick! what colour? RED, DUH!
What do you think when you see a cheer leading outfit?
Cuteness, girliness, geek chic, schoolgirl, Americana, retro goodness!
So your options are-dress or skirt! Either will do just fine but then you have to choose some team colours! Like i said red, white and blue are the best. So plan your outfit around your colours, keeping cuteness on your mind!
outfits i put together-  1)
Shirt-New look-£20
Jumper-New look-£10
A jumper and skirt combo is a super easy way to achieve a school girl/cute look! I prefer rounded peter pan colours just cause i think they are adorable!

Dress-New look-Unknown
3) A pinafore is also a great opinion! A denim one is a lot more casual if you don't really like wearing skirts and dresses all the time like i do! Layering a pinafore over a plain school shirt works just as well and with lashing of lipstick BOOM there you go!
Lipstick-Miss Sporty in 055 "dream"-Unknown

Whatever you wear socks are ESSENTIAL! Cheerleaders wear them for comfort but they also look really pretty! So slap on a pair of ankle socks, the prettier and frillier the better!
Socks-Topshop-3 pairs for £8 (bargain!) or 1 for £3.50
But the main ingredients are definitely attitude and spirit! So channel marina, get your sass on (hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha) and show some team spirit guys (by that i mean make up some cheers and perform them to your mum!)


"hair toss"
SO that's all you need to achieve a classic cheerleader look! Please leave me a comment telling me if you like these sorts of posts cause they are so much fun to do!
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Have a good day
Much love
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  1. I love love love your blog!!
    These posts are crazy awesome.
    You're adorable aswell!

  2. I've read your blog for the past few days now. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. I just found a site where you can make your own cheer mixes. You may find it entertaining, as I did. Anyways thanks for posting such interesting articles.

  3. I like the fact that you were able to research and look into the trends in cheerleading fashion throughout time. I agree on how you view the art of cheerleading. I like the ensemble you chose. You definitely look like a classic cheerleader.

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports


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